Audio Research Commemorative 50TH Anniversary Book

Marple Grove, USA | 2020Making the Music Glow is the story of a manufacturer that helped to define high-end audio, with the sole purpose of elevating the sound quality of music in the home. William Zane “Bill” Johnson established the company in 1970, basing its products on what was then considered by many to be obsolete technology: vacuum tubes.

His adamant refusal to be swayed by fashion, preferring instead to believe what his ears – and his test equipment – deemed to be the correct path, set the stage for a revolution in sound.


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Anniversary Book "Making The Music Glow"
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Celebrating its first half-century, while pointing to its second, Audio Research: Making the Music Glow tells the story in the words of those who worked for the company, designing, manufacturing, fine-tuning, and marketing the audio amplification and source components that have been regarded perpetually as among the best the industry has to offer.

Within its pages are the stories of the company’s roots, its development, its evolution, and its tenacious hold on delivering “the state of the art” in music playback.
With open access to the company’s archives, the participation of key employees, and the support and insights of Bill’s wife, Nancy, Audio Research:

Making the Music Glow is filled with rare images, curated reprints of important period interviews with “Bill” Johnson, the definitive product listing, and a study of what the experts have determined to be the company’s 25 greatest achievements, augmented by fresh photography of each model.
For the hi-fi enthusiast, the student of the reproduction of recorded sound, as well as the Audio Research devotee, Audio Research: Making the Music Glow is the authorized account of one of hi-fi’s greatest adventures.


MarleyAudio Research Commemorative 50TH Anniversary Book
Content Sample of the Anniversary Book "Making The Music Glow"
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  • 18 Chapters
  • 14 Interviews
  • 25 Key Products profiles
  • Definitive product listing
  • Duration of Coverage: 1970-2020. 50 Years of History.
  • Pagination: 220 Pages
  • Photos: 220+ in mono and full color
  • Dimensions: 12x12in/305x305mm
  • Weight: 4lbs/1.8kg
  • First Edition Run

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