Luxman L-505Z integrated amplifier

Luxman L-505Z featured image

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2024 – Luxman L-505Z: Heartfelt sound New criteria that redefines the standard! Designed in honor of our L-505 amplifier, which continues to fascinate many audio enthusiasts as possibly our most familiar hi-fi model and equipped with our newly developed “LIFES” amplifier feedback engine, which is at the core of LUXMAN’s contemporary designs, we would like to complete the Z series circle with the L-505Z. While inheriting all the high-quality sound and design know-how from our higher-end models, it has achieved even more as a multifunctional integrated amplifier.…

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Coming soon: Dan D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier

D’Agostino Pendulum featured image

Cave Creek, Arizona, USA | 2024 – Circuitry Excellence! At the heart of the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier lies the ingeniously re-engineered JFET input circuit topology, derived from the acclaimed Momentum C4 Preamplifier. This innovative technology upgrades the performance and precision of the entire platform, guaranteeing an immersive listening experience that transcends expectations from a component its size. Exceptional Power Supply Driven by a custom toroidal transformer rated at 750VA and complemented by a nearly 25,000 μF capacitor bank, the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier delivers robust power output within a compact design.…

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Wilson Benesch GMT One System

Wilson Benesch GMT One System featured image

Sheffield, United Kingdom | 2024 – The GMT® One System has been designed and developed by a large number of people and organisations that are collectively referred to as the GMT Consortium. The GMT® One System is comprised of thirty novel developments. It incorporates technology with international patents that are pending and a number of design registrations. The manufacturing intellectual property all resides within Wilson Benesch. As such it is inconceivable that another turntable with GMT® technologies will emerge. Two product names are trademarked GMT® and GRAVITON®. Made in Sheffield…

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Dan D’Agostino Momentum C2 Preamplifier

D’Agostino Momentum C2 featured image

Cave Creek, Arizona, USA | 2024Unveiling Complementary Four Circuit Topology At the heart of the Momentum C2 Preamplifier lies Dan D’Agostino’s revolutionary complementary four-circuit topology. This unique input stage circuitry sets a new standard for performance and precision, delivering unparalleled clarity and fidelity to your audio experience. Utmost attention to design detail ensures optimal mechanical and electrical isolation, guaranteeing pristine signal integrity throughout the critical preamplification stage. Unrivaled Audio Circuitry Building on the legacy of the Momentum HD Preamplifier, the Momentum C2 topology utilizes an array of four JFET transistors…

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HQ Audio Star Pure DSD DAC MK2

HQ Audio DAC featured image

Hanoi, Vietnam | 2024 – The high resolution PCM at 96-192KHz 24bit offer the possibility to have a good quality digital signal exceeding the big limits of the CD. The DSD is very different from PCM, using a sampling frequency 64 times higher than that of a standard Compact Disc, offers a frequency response of up to 100 kHz and a dynamic range of up to 120 dB across the entire audible range.The DSD on paper should be better than hi-resolution pcm like the 192KHz 24bit because the two conversions (from and to the…

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BAT VK-85 Preamplifier

BAT_VK_85_Preamp featured image

Wilmington, USA  | 2024 – Introduced simultaneously with the REX 300 power amplifier, the Balanced Audio Technology VK-85 preamplifier blurs the lines between the finest tube and solid-state sound. VK-85 features BAT’s trademark high-current Unistage topology with transformer-coupled outputs that anchor the full line of Balanced Audio Technology’s preamplifiers. VK-85’s second-generation output transformers work in conjunction with a symmetrical N-channel Unistage gain block to provide the high-current operation that is a BAT hallmark. A revised connection scheme for the SuperPak Quattro technology used in REX 300 offers beguiling levels of…

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Esoteric Grandioso P1X SE

Esoteric Grandioso P1X SE featured image

Tokyo, Japan | 2024 – Super Audio CD Transport Grandioso P1X SE: Esoteric’s Premier Super Audio CD Transport, with Separate Power Supply Unit. Since its inception in 1987, Esoteric has been at the forefront of innovation as a high-end audio brand from Japan, continually pushing the boundaries of high quality sound reproduction. The Esoteric brand is known for its outstanding acoustic engineering that has sustained its reputation and prestige, its massive investment without regard to cost, its “museum quality” craftsmanship, and its beautiful designs worthy of music reproduction. “Grandioso” is…

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Thorens New Reference

Thorens New Reference featured image

Bergisch Gladbach, Germany | 2020 – Thorens New Reference: Fully integrated active vibration isolation by Seismion. The Thorens New Reference is the result of our strive for the perfect rendition of music recordings. The electrical signals in a turntable are created by mechanical vibrations of the stylus of the cartridge while it moves along the grooves of a vinyl record. These vibrations are converted into the sound. In exactly the same way, all other mechanical vibrations of the turntable are processed and lead to distortion and other unwanted effects. The…

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Dan D’Agostino Momentum C4 Preamplifier

Dagostino Momentum featured image

Cave Creek, Arizona, USA | 2024 – Unveiling Complementary Four Circuit Topology. At the heart of the Momentum C4 Preamplifier lies Dan D’Agostino’s revolutionary Complementary Four Circuit (C4) topology. This unique input stage circuitry sets a new standard for performance and precision, delivering unparalleled clarity and fidelity to your audio experience. Utmost attention to design detail ensures optimal mechanical and electrical isolation, guaranteeing pristine signal integrity throughout the critical preamplification stage.  Unrivaled Audio Circuitry Building on the legacy of the Momentum HD Preamplifier, the Momentum C4 topology utilizes an array…

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Nagra Streamer

Nagra Streamer featured image

Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland | 2024 – 30 years after the then state of the art Nagra D, the first high resolution digital recorder, and almost 20 years after the Nagra CDC reference CD player, Nagra is releasing a streamer. In a compact format but packed with features, it can play all current high resolution formats. The Streamer comes in a chassis that is the size of the legendary Nagra VII. Just as the Nagra Classic line form factor was derived from the Nagra V and our HD line of products from…

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High End Munich 2024


Munich, Germany | 2023 – From 9 to 12 May 2024, High End in Munich offered a diverse trade fair program. 550 exhibitors presented products from 1000 brands on an area of 30,000 square meters. The world’s leading audio trade fair attracted 22,000 visitors and 500 journalists. Our freelancer Carlos Martin Schwab took a look around. ESD Acoustic – Dragon System loudspeakers (the biggest at the fair, 2.54 m high). It reached 18 Hz down and I could feel it on my chest. Retail price: € 1,200,000 Audiodesk Systeme Gläss…

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CH Precision C10 DAC


Préverenges, Switzerland | 2024 – CH Precision started life as a manufacturer of digital audio components. Our first product, the D1 CD/SACD player/transport was quickly joined by the C1 DAC/Controller and together, they established the blueprint for all future CH products: modular, updatable, upgradable, expandable and future-proof. So future proof in fact, that any C1 can be updated to full, current C1.2 status and performance – performance that still challenges the best of the competition. But as impressive as the updated C1.2 is, 15-years is a lifetime in digital electronics.…

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MSB Cascade DAC


Watsonville CA, USA | 2024 – The Cascade DAC was born of an unwavering dedication to perfecting our craft, enabled by our enthusiasm for in-house design and vertically integrated manufacturing. This starts a new era—one built on twin foundations of innovation and experience. We began by reimagining the fundamentals of known DAC architectures from the ground up. Critical to the success of the Cascade DAC has been dividing the conversion process into three dedicated chassis and functions. First, all of the processing, sources, and interfaces that are necessary, but electrically…

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Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

Hachidori Fukami featured image 2

Nanao-shi, Japan  | 2024 – Fukami:  ‘to look deeply, intensely’ Passion, dedication, craftsmanship… The Fukami is an all-tube preamplifier for open-reel tape and phono playback. It includes sophisticated features for optimum interfacing with the sources and downstream components. Unassuming in its presentation, the Fukami is designed to be an open window to the subtleties and emotional impact that the best analog recordings can convey. Rather than call attention to specific details, it allows the gestalt of the music to move the listener directly. The sonic objectives, user features, construction techniques,…

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Luxman NT-07 network transport

Luxman NT-07 featured image

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2024 – Luxman NT-07: Cutting edge, multiple source music streaming sophisticated and versatile network transport. LUXMAN’s first network transport NT-07. Combining the latest digital audio technology with LUXMAN’s know-how, the NT-07 uses a thoroughly audio-focused approach to curate a wide variety of available sources with superb sound quality and a sophisticated yet comforting operational environment. In addition to USB digital audio and HDMI connectivity, streaming data from NAS and other popular music streaming services provide a variety of options for the listener to experience a new dimension of…

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Estelon X Diamond Signature Edition

Estelon-x-diamond-signature-edition featured image

Tallinn, Estonia | 2024 – Introducing the Estelon X Diamond Signature Edition Estelon proudly unveils its latest masterpiece, the X Diamond Signature Edition. Meticulously crafted and engineered, this limited-edition loudspeaker represents the pinnacle of sonic refinement and aesthetic sophistication. Building upon the renowned legacy of the X Diamond Mk II, this new model pushes the boundaries of audio engineering even further, introducing a host of enhancements and upgrades to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Revolutionary Connectors The X Diamond Signature Edition sports the latest connector innovation derived from the Extreme…

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Vinnie Rossi Brama Preamplifier

Vinnie Rossi Brama featured image

Worcester, MA, USA | 2024 – The heart and soul of your system. At the heart of the Brama Preamplifier lies Vinnie Rossi’s finest 300B linestage, featuring a matched pair of premium Western Electric WE300B triodes. Operating in pure Class A, these legendary triodes deliver an immersive listening experience with unmatched realism and tonality. The Brama Preamplifier’s fully balanced input and output stages ensure exceptional noise rejection and signal transfer between your source components and power amplifiers. A notable design feature is the direct mounting of the entire preamplifier’s dual-mono…

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Nagra Reference Turntable

Nagra reference turntable featured image

  Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland | 2024 – Following in the footsteps of Nagra’s flagship Reference Anniversary turntable/tonearm system, Nagra’s research and development team devoted an additional two years applying all that was learned in the preceding four years of Anniversary system development to expand our commitment to LP reproduction to a wider audience of vinyl lovers. The Reference turntable/tonearm maintains the same level of obsessive attention to detail embodied in the limited edition Reference Anniversary turntable/tonearm, including our insistence on technical achievement validated by extensive listening. Its concept, design and execution…

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Vivid Audio Moya M1

Vivid Audio Moya featured image

Cheshire, England | 2024 – The Moya M1 was born of circumstance. Quarantined in a hotel room for 10 days by the global pandemic, Laurence Dickie began to sketch out an idea for a speaker that could do it all. Physically, that concept would evolve many times through the R&D phase but the vision remained unchanged: the non plus ultra of loudspeakers, able to handle anything with aplomb. A loudspeaker so imbued with power and authority, particularly from the lower frequencies, that it could deliver any and all types of music…

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McIntosh C55 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier

McIntosh C55 featured image

Binghamton, NY, USA | 2024 – The C55 Preamplifier is a pinnacle of sonic excellence designed for audiophiles, music enthusiasts, and dedicated McIntosh fans alike. As a torchbearer of innovation, it takes the baton from its predecessor, the multi award-winning C53, and propels your home audio experience into new realms of audio nirvana. With precision and craftsmanship, the C55 proudly takes its place as a true industry leader. Inputs in abundance With a staggering 16 inputs (9 analog and 7 digital), the C55 becomes the nerve center of your audio…

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Wharfedale Super Denton

Wharfedale Super Denton High featured image

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England | 2024 – Wharfedale’s new SUPER DENTON is part of Wharfedale’s Heritage series, based on classic designs from Wharfedale’s past but brought right up to date with modern drive unit, cabinet and crossover technology. The Heritage series commenced, in 2014, with the Denton 80 anniversary model, followed by the Denton 85 and the trend-setting Linton model – which reignited a passion for the traditional, large stand mount loudspeaker. More recently complemented by the high-end Dovedale model, which signaled the return of UK manufacturing, the Heritage series emphasises…

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Octave Jubilee Mono Ultimate

Octave Jubilee Mono Ultimate featured image

Karlsbad, Germany | 2024 – Jubilee Mono Ultimate – the next generation. It has the most sophisticated and uncompromising amplifier design in our amplifier hierarchy and sets a new benchmark for state-of-the-art power amplifiers. It features a number of detailed improvements including the use of eight KT 170 tubes with 440 W per channel. The basic idea of the Ultimate series is the extreme expansion of the power bandwidth and the bass range with our highly specialized (newly developed) and oversized high performance output transformer.  The Jubilee Mono Ultimate thus…

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Vitus Audio RL-102 Linestage Reference Series

Vitus Audio RL-102 fetured image

  Herning, Denmark  |  2024 – When it’s time to take your audio experience to the next level the, natural move is away from an integrated amplifier to a dedicated line stage and one or more power amplifiers. The RL-102 is the obvious choice of line stage when it’s time to make that leap. With a wide array of analogue inputs – 3 x XLR (L+R) and 2 x RCA (L+R) – the RL-102 will comfortably accommodate the analogue sources in your system and bring a fresh dynamism to your…

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Luxman L-509Z integrated amplifier

Luxman L-509Z featured image 2

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2024 – Luxman L-509Z: Taking our Z-Series integrated amplifiers to a performance peak. Introducing our next-level “single-chassis separates” concept,pursuing the ideal with a new, all-in-one flagship amplifier.Taking our Z-Series integrated amplifiers to a performance peak. As the premium model for the new Z-Series generation, the L-509Z has evolved beyond the concept of a traditional integrated amplifier. Both the preamplifier and power amplifier sections simultaneously use our new generation amplification feedback engine “LIFES” for the first time. The volume control is supported by our new “LECUA-EX” attenuator system…

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Steinway Lyngdorf Model C

Steinway Model C featured image

Skive, Denmark | 2024 – The Model C provides outstanding sound purity and resolution, based on an open baffle dipole design which prevents any sound constraints from a speaker enclosure. The renowned Air Motion Transformer tweeter and two magnesium midrange drivers are given free rein to reproduce soundwaves, moving freely and interacting with the room like an instrument would. The tweeter consists of an ultra-thin, folded Kapton diaphragm between extremely powerful neodymium magnets, achieving a completely clear, high resolution, distortion-free performance even during the loudest crescendos. High flexibility and bass…

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Cambridge CXN100 Network Player

Cambridge CXN 100 featured image

London, United Kingdom| 2024 – Cambridge CXN100 Network Player: Rewarding Performance! We shouldn’t have favourites but CXN100 is something else. Hi-fi specialists and our listeners alike loved its predecessor CXN V2 – just wait until they hear this. CXN100 will instantly transform a classic hi-fi stack into a system with a bright future. And because it’s a network device, CXN100’s firmware can be upgraded remotely, via our StreamMagic app, to receive the latest services.  Forever Changes The first thing you’ll notice is the big hi-res colour screen – all the…

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Classic Sounds Mullard Stereo 3-3 amplifier

Mullard Stereo 3-3 featured image

Chichester, United Kingdom | 2024 – Classic Sounds Mullard Stereo 3-3 amplifier: An amazing Hi-Fi experience! Considered by many as one of the best single ended amplifier designs. The Mullard 3-3 is a class A EL84 valve design very popular in the 1950’s/60’s. Although rated at 3.5W RMS, this amplifier packs a punch well above its size. Easily filling a room with a warm depth of sound that is not achievable in many single ended designs. The -3dB frequency response is from 20Hz – 30KHz We use our own superior…

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Luxman C-10X Control Amplifier

Luxman C-10X featured image

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2024 – Breathtakingly realistic, full of harmony A flagship model that breathes new life into the listening experience. Once you turn up the volume, you’ll be captivated by the sense of reality. A spacious sound stage opens up in front of you, filling the space beautifully. A miraculous experience unfolds where music breathes energy into life. What we sought for our flagship model was the ultimate expression in art form that is musical reproduction.The C-10X is equipped with our new “LIFES” amplifier feedback engine and the latest…

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Octave MRE 220 SE

Octave MRE 220 se featured image

Karlsbad, Germany | 2024 – After eleven years, and after extensive technical development projects at Octave, it was time to further adapt the MRE 220 mono power amplifiers – the rock in the surf – to the higher demands of modern loudspeakers. Long listening sessions led to the solution of an adjustable damping factor. The new MRE 220 SE damping factor can now be flexibly adjusted to ideally suit the respective speaker – resulting in rock solid reproduction quality with virtually any loudspeaker. Description The MRE 120 received critical praise…

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Shanling CD-T35

Shanling CD-T35 featured image

Shenzhen, China  |  2024 – Shanling Audio was established in 1988, but their history with CD players started in 1994 with the release of Shanling SCD-939. What followed was a decade of significant progress in both the domestic and international Hi-Fi markets, culminating with the release of the legendary CD-T300 in 2004. With its famous Three-legged design, state-of-the-art DACs and Tube-based output, Shanling CD-T300 represented one of the pinnacles of the CD players of the time. Available only as a limited release at just 300 units, each of them going…

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PS Audio StellarGold Preamplifier

PS Audio Stellar-Gold featured image

Boulder, USA  | 2024 – Preamplifiers act as the backbone of premium audio setups, overseeing input choices, initiating the amplification process, managing volume and balance, and ensuring electrical separation between sound sources and amplifiers. When you add the StellarGold Preamplifier into your audio chain—bridging devices like DACs, phono preamps, tuners, or other auxiliaries with your amplifier—a magical sonic revelation unfolds: more realism, life, and space around each performer. It’s time to take control of your system and add that missing element, a great preamplifier. StellarGold. Upgrade your system performance The…

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MoFi Electronics Masterdeck

MoFi_MasterDeck featured image

North Las Vegas, USA | 2023 – Unveiling the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction: the MasterDeck Turntable, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned Allen Perkins. Born from a collaboration of vinyl enthusiasts, this reference-grade turntable is engineered for those who seek to unearth the true essence of music embedded in the grooves of their cherished vinyl LPs. Handcrafted in the USA Each MasterDeck is meticulously assembled in limited batches at our Ann Arbor, Michigan factory, exemplifying our commitment to unparalleled quality control. 10″ Dual-pivot carbon-fiber tonearm The MasterDeck boasts an all-new…

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Magico M7

Magico M7 featured image

Hayward, CA, USA | 2023 – Magico-the leader in high-performance loudspeaker design and manufacture-is pleased to announce the ground-breaking M7 loudspeaker. In June of 2020, Magico, LLC introduced the incomparable M9 flagship loudspeaker. The M9 was and continues to be the most advanced and highest-performing loudspeaker in Magico history. All that was discovered in the extensive research-and-development program undertaken for the M9 has now been distilled into the Magico M7. The Magico M7 is a four-way, six-driver floorstanding loudspeaker capable of astonishing performance. Featuring the latest Magico drive-unit technology, an…

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Naim NAP 500 DR Power Amp

Naim NAP 500 featured image

  Salisbury, England | June, 2023 – As the debut product in our reference 500 Series range, the NAP 500 is a monumental expression of Naim Audio amplifier technology. Its design was honed over six years of collaborative work with suppliers of specialist parts and each product takes days of dedicated assembly by our most skilled technicians in Salisbury. It’s this eye for detail, alongside its remarkable power, that allows the NAP 500 to bring your music into breath-taking focus. New Statement Technology  Our flagship Statement amplification system was ten years in the making.…

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Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista DAC

MF NuVistaDAC featured image

London, UK | 2023 – The Nu-Vista DAC is our new flagship DAC built around the critically acclaimed ESS 32-bit HyperStream II DAC architecture. The Nu-Vista DAC incorporates our famous Nuvistor circuitry, each channel having a fully balanced stage of Nuvistor 7586 triode tubes involved in a discrete Class A amplifier buffer. It features RCA and XLR outputs, 3x optical and 1x coax SPDIF inputs, 1x USB and 1x AES/EBU inputs. A I2S input is also there, for a future yet to be announced Nu-Vista CD-player! Technical Talk Building on…

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Nime Elite one

Nime Elite one fetured image

Massarosa, Italy | 2023 – ELITE ONE S was the first one that broke the market and our biggest challenge, at the same time. Elite one was our signature speaker which was showing our desire to be different by doing something that no one did on the market – assembling the whole unit from welding and polishing the steel. Hand-handling 8 mm thick stainless steel we achieved innovative and modern design with excellent acoustic performance. The massive structure and considerable weight of the stands gives the stability to the loudspeaker…

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Rega Naia

Rega Naia featured image

Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom | 2023 – Rega Naia – The ultimate Rega turntable! The Rega Naia turntable is the result of years of painstaking development which was used to create the now famous ‘Naiad’ test bed turntable. The Naia takes the best of this development and technology and transfers it into a production ready version without compromise. The Naia is packed with ground-breaking features, materials and technology developed by Rega over many years to reach new levels of vinyl replay. The heart of music The Naia takes our pioneering low mass…

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Etude 5

Etude 5 featured image

United Kingdom  | 2023 – Many listeners love the coherence and impulse response of a single driver loudspeaker, full range electrostatic or magneto-dynamic panel, but cannot live with the large physical size, limited bandwidth and colouration/uneven frequency response, particularly in the case of some classic folded horn speakers. Maximum loudness limitation is also a problem with some direct radiating single drive unit loudspeakers. The Etude 5 …addresses these issues head on, via use of a line array of four 85 mm balanced mode radiator (BMR) wide-band drive units which are…

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Nagra HD Phono

Nagra HD Phono featured image

Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland | 2023 – After years of intense research and development, the HD PHONO is finally available for discerning listeners of vinyl. It is the ideal complement to the HD range and the world-acclaimed HD PREAMP, HD DAC X and HD AMP monoblocks. Nagra’s first phono stage was derived from the Nagra IV-S reel to reel microphone preamplifier stage. It later evolved into the phono section of the legendary Nagra PL-P preamplifier. Ever since, Nagra has worked and improved that original design with the creation of the Nagra VPS…

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Electrocompaniet AW 300 M

Electrocompaniet-AW300M featured image

Tau, Norway  |  2023 – The AW 300 M is Electrocompaniet’s latest Mono Power Amplifier. This amplifier embodies an updated, yet unmistakable Electrocompaniet design, perfectly complementing both current and legacy Electrocompaniet products. Re-Designed Power Amplification The AW 300 M boasts Electrocompaniet’s direct-coupled high open-loop bandwidth topology, now enhanced with high slew-rate and extended bandwidth amplifier stages. A novel output stage has been engineered to isolate input and driver stages from the load, rendering the output exceptionally rigid and impervious to connected loads. This innovation not only simplifies the feedback system but also…

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