B18 Speaker From Burmester

Burmester B18Product News – 31.01.2017

New B18 Speaker from Burmester


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The new B18 speaker is designed as a 2.5-way bass reflex, front-firing-concept speaker and is soundwise, an allround-talent: space-saving and simultaneously, a highly musical and dynamic performer. The high-frequency playback benefits exclusively from the Burmester-developed ring spotlight which produces optimal transparency and resolution. Mid-bass and mid-range speakers are a progression based on approved drivers which have also already helped apply an impressive sound-performance to the B10 compact speaker.


MarleyB18 Speaker From Burmester

The highly sophisticated crossover is located within its own enclosed housing chamber, just like the mid-range speakers, through which their own enclosed housing produce a clear-cut meantone performance. An entire, newly developed computer-calculated spring-mass damping system produces an optimal speaker isolation and thus, makes it extremely resistant to ground vibrations. The exceptionally specific, torsionally rigid Aluminium-MDF-Sandwich-Front in conjunction with the use of FEM-Analysis creates optimized housing for an accurate, precise bass playback and considerably reduces housing vibration.

Additionally, for the mechanical damping by use of a foam cylinder, the B18 has a bass switch for adjusting the bass playback – depending on the room conditions and the listener´s individual sound taste.

Source: Burmester Audio Systems Germany

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