Focal Chora Line

Focal Chora Line

Saint-Étienne, France | 2020 – Focal completes its Chora line for Home Cinema configurations.

After presenting its Chora 806, Chora 816 and Chora 826 hi-fi loudspeakers in September 2019, the expert Saint-Étienne manufacturer of high-fidelity products now completes its line with Home Cinema solutions: Chora 826-D, Chora Center and Chora Surround. For deep bass, the brand also unveils a brand new subwoofer, the SUB 600P. Manufactured in France, these four new products will be revealed to the public for the first time at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.


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Chora 826-D, Chora Center and Chora Surround join the line of first Chora loudspeakers, combining design, technology and performance for a genuine Home Cinema experience at an unrivalled price.

Chora 826-D is the reference product for the line. For the first time, Focal has incorporated Dolby Atmos® technology in a floorstanding loudspeaker: a speaker driver installed above the loudspeaker directs the sound towards the ceiling at a carefully calculated angle, so that the audio signal is reflected around the entire room.

The result has the listener wrapped in the sound, and immersed in a highly realistic 3D world. With the Chora Center central loudspeaker, to be placed on a stand or TV unit, voices and dialogues are reproduced with exceptional clarity and remarkable precision. Chora Surround, which can be easily fixed to the wall, is the final addition with its side or rear channels. With these loudspeakers, action scenes with the sound of planes, pouring rain or rolling thunder come to life. To enhance its offer, the engineers at Focal have also developed the Sub 600P, a 600-watt subwoofer.


All Chora loudspeakers incorporate speaker drivers with a Slatefiber cone. Designed and made in France in Focal’s workshops using cutting-edge equipment, this composite cone combines thermoplastic polymer with recycled non-woven carbon fibres. The result is the optimal balance between damping, rigidity and lightness. The sound rendering is characterised by incredible richness, balance and dynamics.

This Slatefiber technology is combined with the Aluminium/Magnesium TNF tweeter, another exclu- sive technology included in the range to provide silky trebles and increasingly optimised sound spatialisa- tion. The Sub 600P, meanwhile, features a Polyflex cone, heavier and more rigid to offer bass with impact and create an ultimate Home Cinema experience.



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The Focal signature is not just apparent in the tech- nologies and the quality of French manufacturing, but also in the choice of design and finishes. Chora louds- peakers offer modern shapes and finishes (Black, Light Wood and Dark Wood) that fit perfectly into interiors and blend seamlessly with front panels. Their aesthetic is refined and unique, with the slate effect of the Slatefiber cone in the speaker drivers.

The very latest line in loudspeakers to join the Focal collections, Chora is aimed at sound enthusiasts ho- ping to discover High-Fidelity and to dive into the heart of films with quality solutions at an unrivalled price on their market.

Focal Chora Line


Loudspeakers featuring Dolby Atmos® technology are called ‘enabled speakers’. In addition to their hi-fi speaker drivers on the front, they incorporate a specific speaker driver on the top. This speaker dri- ver directs sound towards the ceiling at a carefully calculated angle so that the sound signal is reflected around the entire listening room. This creates a real impression that the sound is coming simultaneously from the front, back and sides, but also from above.

In addition, Dolby Atmos® technology isolates each sound from the original soundtrack and mix as an independent audio object. Imagine a scene in a house: you hear conservations, but also the sound of footsteps and cutlery in the next room, the sounds coming from an open window, all spatialised in three dimensions, as though you were there… Dolby Atmos® will reveal its power in the scenes where the effects are vertical: a plane zooming overhead, a storm rolling over, wind gusts, etc. With this technology, the emo- tion of the cinema is recreated in your home.

Focal Chora Line


After more than four years of Research & Deve- lopment, in 2019 Focal unveiled a new exclusive technology: the Slatefiber cone. Manufactured in France in Focal’s workshops, this composite cone is built from recycled non-woven carbon fibres –Focal being the first audio brand to use these fibres for a speaker driver cone– and thermoplastic polymer. These two materials combined, along with the light- ness of carbon fibres, result in excellent acoustic performance both in terms of sound velocity and rigidity, damping and lightness, the ‘essentials’ of a good speaker driver.

The defining features of this cone are therefore its dynamic, rich and highly balanced sound, particularly in the midranges, in addition to a specific aesthetic in the products with its unique “slate” effect.

Chora line availability : February 2020

Sub 600P availability : Spring 2020


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