Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

Nanao-shi, Japan  | 2024 – Fukami:  ‘to look deeply, intensely’ Passion, dedication, craftsmanship…


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The Fukami is an all-tube preamplifier for open-reel tape and phono playback. It includes sophisticated features for optimum interfacing with the sources and downstream components.

Unassuming in its presentation, the Fukami is designed to be an open window to the subtleties and emotional impact that the best analog recordings can convey. Rather than call attention to specific details, it allows the gestalt of the music to move the listener directly.

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

The sonic objectives, user features, construction techniques, and aesthetic design are realized as an integrated whole to be timeless and devoid of extraneous frills. In this sense, it is an embodiment of Zen philosophy. 

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

With proper care and maintenance, the Fukami will provide consistent performance and listening pleasure for generations.

Zen philosophy

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

With origins in Mahayana Buddhism, Zen travelled from China to Japan in the 12th century and has had a profound impact on Japanese thought, art and culture which continues to this day. Emphasizing enlightenment via intuition and direct experience, facilitated by meditation, it has influenced many Japanese kogei traditional arts. Dispensing with the mundane in favor of what is essential has resulted in art forms of timeless beauty and daily use items of great simplicity and practical utility. An important element of Zen-inspired paintings and architecture is the Enso circular symbol. It represents the lack of beginning and end, a good example of the lack of duality found in Zen thought.


State of the art sound quality

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier


Cable shield driver for high-impedance tape heads; eliminates the possibility of in-band head resonance and high frequency peaking/roll off by eliminating the effect of cable capacitance loading.

Push-pull 600 Ohm output driver uses output transformers with Permalloy cores to minimize high-order harmonic distortion. A precision discrete Class A DC servo is used to balance plate currents to minimize low frequency distortion.

All audio coupling, equalization and phase compensation capacitors are dipped silver mica types, which provide a combination of superlative sound quality and high stability and reliability. Special circuit design techniques are employed to allow their use, given quite limited available capacitance values.


MarleyHachidori Fukami tube preamplifier


High degree of flexibility and ease of use

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

Two-stage stepped attenuators, offering wide range and precise, repeatable output level adjustment; useful for maximizing the dynamic range of A/D converters.

Sophisticated output level metering, especially suitable for interfacing directly with high-resolution A/D converters to maximize their dynamic range. Accurate, high-speed peak hold function allows highest peak during playback to be held indefinitely.


High degree of reliability and longevity

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

Except for a pair of 12BH7 output tubes, 12AX7/ECC83 tubes are used for their combination of sound quality, availability, and low current operation, which yields long life of tubes and associated components.

Power supply and audio chassis are designed with effective passive cooling to extend component life.

Components are operated well within their ratings to ensure long life.


Ease of maintenance and repair

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

All high-voltage power supply and audio wiring is point-to-point for maximum reliability. Components are mounted on turret posts for easy field replacement when needed.

Use of electrolytic capacitors is limited to the extent practical, and long-life types have been chosen where necessary.


Understated but beautiful aesthetic design

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

This elegant design has a traditional look, but breaks from tradition by combining Wajima Nuri exterior panels with a 3D CAD-verified monocoque aluminum frame.
As with the electronic circuits, the exterior panels are made with materials and techniques which can last for a lifetime and allow for easy removal and repair to as-new condition if scratched or damaged.

“Wajima-nuri” urushi  lacquerware

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

Wajima-nuri is a nationally designated lacquerware considered to be the highest expression of lacquer craft in Japan. This technique is only practiced by registered artisans in Wajima city.
Wajima-nuri reflects the ancient Japanese philosophy of craftsmanship which emphasizes high quality and longevity.
The process begins with the application of Nunogise cloth to the wood substrate, followed by the application of a Jinoko base coat, a mixture of locally-sourced fine clay and lacquer.

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier
Fukami with open front panel

This helps to strengthen and stabilize the wood. After sanding, a base coat of pure lacquer is applied, followed by repeated steps of sanding and application of lacquer, each followed by periods of air drying in controlled temperature and humidity conditions. After application of a coat of red lacquer, the Hachidori logo is hand painted using the Maki-e technique and lacquer containing fine silver or gold powder. The top coat is applied using the Tame-nuri technique and extensive hand polishing, yielding a deep shine with subtle color gradations which are unique to each piece. The process involves about 20 steps and takes approximately 10 months to complete.“Wajima-nuri” urushi  lacquerware

Hachidori Fukami tube preamplifier

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