Hafler Announces The CI Series Of Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Hafler CI-1255e multi channel amplifiers


MarleyHafler Announces The CI Series Of Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Vancouver, BC – Hafler (a division of Radial Engineering Ltd.) will be launching the Hafler CI series this spring. The CI series is a brand new range of multi-channel amplifiers designed for the custom installation market.


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According to Hafler Senior Engineer Kevin Knoll: “As you know, Hafler has been in the amp business for over 60 years and our engineering team has been developing amplifiers going back to the 1980s. After much discussion with our reseller partners, it only seemed natural that we come out with amps to address the growing demand for multi-room amplifiers for use in smart homes, restaurants, social houses and community centers. Hafler brings several important attributes to market including innovative designs with real-world contractor-friendly solutions and unparalleled reliability so that the contractor is not going back to make costly after-sale service calls.”
Hafler will be releasing three multi-zone amplifiers: the 6 channel CI-6120e™, the 8 channel CI-855e™ and the 12 channel CI-1255e™. Although all three amps are similar, they all have slightly different features. Common features include a compact footprint that is only 3.5″ (8.9 cm) high, 17″ (43.2 cm) wide and 11.5″ (29.2 cm) deep, RCA inputs and an all-channel bus input for easy routing. Class-AB circuit topology for the most demanding listening needs, Hush-Tone™ fan cooling technology, rear-panel level controls and signal status LEDs, and easy to use detachable Euroblock® (Phoenix style) speaker connectors for quick and secure termination. To save energy, all three amps are equipped with ecoSYSTEM™ – an innovative circuit that shuts the amp off when not in use after 1 minute, and automatically restarts individual amplifier channels in less than 10 milliseconds.
The CI-6120e delivers 120 watts per channel to 3 stereo zones and is equipped with RCA throughputs and balanced detachable Euroblock connectors for greater connectivity options. The CI-855e delivers 55 watts per channel to 4 stereo zones and channels 7 and 8 may be bridged mono to power a subwoofer with over 120 watts at 8 Ohms. The CI-1255e also delivers 55 watts per channel but this time to 6 stereo zones and is equipped with the same bridge-mono functionality using channels 11 and 12. All three amplifiers are equipped with Omniport™ – a plug-in module that can be used to add various functions such as Euroblock connectors, Jensen-transformer isolated inputs, or a Dante® digital networking card to connect the Hafler amp to an Ethernet hub. Power may be derived from either a 115V or a 230V supply via the internal dual-tap toroidal transformer to accommodate installations around the globe.
The CI series is expected to start shipping spring 2017.
MAP: $899.99 USD (CI-6120e), $799.99 USD (CI-855e) and $899.99 USD (CI-1255e)

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