Wharfedale EVO4 Series


Sound EVOlved Cambridgeshire, England | 2019 – Heavenly high-end sound at refreshingly down-to-earth prices is the promise fulfilled by the new EVO4 Series from Wharfedale, Britain’s best-known loudspeaker brand. With prices starting at £449 per pair, the EVO4 Series sits between the existing Diamond 11 Series and Wharfedale’s forthcoming, flagship Elysian speakers. The initial range comprises six models: two standmount speakers (EVO4.1 and 4.2), two floorstanders (EVO4.3 and 4.4), a large home cinema centre speaker (EVO4.C) and a surround speaker designed for on-wall siting (EVO4.S). A more compact centre speaker (EVO4.CS)…

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