AUDIODINAMICA Launches E-Shop With Discount

AudioDinamica BeCube Line in three colors
Audiodinamica BeCube Line

Torino/Italy March 2019, 4th – Audiodinamica announces the opening of its e-shop and makes its line of electronics available to early bird customers at a special introductory price.

A wide variety of products, i.e. BeCube Mono Amp, BeCube phono preamplifier, BeCube SUT N°3 and BeCube Power with attention to design and personalization will be ready to ship in few months and can now be preordered directly from the manufacturer.


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From March, a discount on final price will be offered on a limited amount of products and for a limited period of time, all customers will moreover have the possibility to ship back the products if expectations will not be met.

To become one of our early birds, the customers will be required to confirm the order with a 20% payment; the remaining 80% will be invoiced shortly before the BeCube is ready to ship.

The Audiodinamica e-shop is easy to navigate and products can be quickly personalized according to customer’s taste. The ecommerce website by Audiodinamica underlines the company’s desire to serve all customers around the world with outstanding sound at a competitive price.


The goal of AUDIODINAMICA is to focus not only on the piece of equipment itself, but rather on those customers who love music and want to use it according to their tastes and preferences.


MarleyAUDIODINAMICA Launches E-Shop With Discount

The founders share a passion for details and perfection, and they joined forces in order to delight the ears and the sight of all those who love music. This project contains the vibrations of Italy, the land of its founders.

Audiodinamica is an “innovative startup” and it is obsessed to pay attention to small details. It is not only concentrated to reproduce the best sound possible, but also to provide you an outstanding harmony for your “interior home design”.

Audiodinamica aims to propose state-of-the-art technology for domestic music reproduction enclosed in vivid and modern chassis. The mission of the company is to make products (amplifiers, line, phono, step-up transformer, DAC, streamer and speakers) out of the ordinary imagination and with a very high value added in terms of customization (with materials and colors)


Innovation in Audio (IIA) – Srls
Corso Germano Sommeiller, 31
10128 Torino – ITALY
Tel. +39 333 3110271
       +39 348 4040292

E-Mail: [email protected]

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