Cary Audio – CAD-805 Vacuum Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier


Raleigh, North Carolina| 2018 – Voted one of “The Ten Most Significant Amplifiers of All Time” by The Absolute Sound magazine, the CAD-805 vacuum tube monoblock power amplifier has been in continuous production since 1993. The CAD-805 has experienced several generational updates in its long, storied history. To CARY on the tradition (pun intended), we are introducing the latest generation of the CAD-805, the CAD-805 Reference Series (RS).


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As many of you know, Single-ended Triode (SET) tube amplifiers have long been considered the Holy Grail of music reproduction systems, operating in the purest form of Class-A power output. Using just one tube to handle the entire musical signal typically does not allow for more than a few watts of output power, but the CAD-805RS, with its massive power supply, is able to produce over 50 watts.


The new CAD-805RS includes a bias meter on the front panel to help you maintain your amplifier at peak operating levels. It also offers both RCA and XLR input connectors to allow use of either style interconnect. Also included are several new cosmetic upgrades to continue to enhance the beauty of the CAD-805RS. Internally, there are several changes to the circuit that significantly increase performance over the previous CAD-805AE.

Cary Audio always hand builds its tube products and carefully matches the tubes. In the case of the CAD-805RS monoblocks, this even extends to giving you two very different types of output tubes as standard. These two tubes have a quite different sonic character from each other, and by giving you both you can fine tune your system to best match your musical taste, your speakers, and your room’s acoustic signature. A pair of these monoblocks represent the pinnacle of today’s tube design capability and will make your system sing as never before. If you want the very best and most life-like musical response in your home, audition the new CAD-805RS.


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Pricing and Availability

The CAD-805RS is currently shipping and has a retail price of $15,995 per pair.

Circuit TypeSingle-Ended Pure Class A
Power Output50 Watts Pure Class A
Feedback0 to 10 dB, continuously variable control
Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB at Full Power Output
Power Consumption230 watts – OPERATE, 76 watts – STANDBY
Input Impedance150k ohms
Output Impedance4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker connection terminals
Signal to Noise> 80 dB below rated output
Sensitivity1.0 Volt @ zero feedback for full output
Power Supply Capacitors4 – 1500 Fd @ 450V
Power Transformer1 – EI Laminated core power transformer
1 – Special air-gap output transformer
200% duty cycle on all transformers
Tube Complement 2 – 6SN7 input tubes
1 – 300B driver tube
1 – 845 output tube or (Please choose 845 or 211 during install)
1 – 211 output tube (Please choose 211 or 845 during install)
Warm-Up Time5 minutes, after initial break in period
Break-In Period100 hours of music playing time
FinishJaguar ‘Anthracite Black’ chassis
Dimensions10” H x 12-1/4” W x 24” D
Weight85 lbs.

About Cary Audio
A manufacturer of high-end audio and video electronics, Cary Audio is known for delivering innovative, no-compromise high-end audio and audio video designs to owners worldwide. Cary Audio’s award-winning product lines have received accolades from many influential audio enthusiast magazines. Visit or for complete product specifications and additional information.


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