New ASR Emitter Amplifier Models

Special model Emitter I Exclusive Clear Blue
Special model Emitter I Exclusive Clear Blue | Image: ASR Audio

Herborn, Germany | May 2020 – The emitter amplifier series has been available since 1980. Although the noble components were highly praised by the trade press right from the start, developer and company boss Mr. Friedrich Schaefer never tired of constantly developing his “babies”. This is the reason why the currently available models also have the best sound quality.

The new emitters are incredibly fast, sound powerful and are very precise with many fine details and a wide and deep spatial image. With extreme control and explosive pressure and resolution in the bass.
At the same time the reproduction always remains relaxed and pleasant. The power of the emitters drives even the most demanding, complex speakers. From the dynamic horn to the fine-resolution area emitter.


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Special model Emitter 1 Version Blue
Special model Emitter I Version Blue | Image: ASR Audio

Last improvements

  • New designed and reinforced motherboards with 2 x 110 µ copper.
  • New ASR high voltage electrolytic capacitors for the input and output stage.
  • New elegant design with new controls.
  • Compensation adjustment, with which the sound characteristics can be adjusted to individual wishes.
  • Extensive adjustment options for sub-out.
  • New input selection circuit with double contact relay; now also switches the signal ground.
  • Exclusive version with ASR High Voltage capacitors in the main unit and in the battery power supply.
  • Input resistance adjustable between 22 k and 500 Ohm.
  • New back plate with new high-quality round XLR sockets (Model Exclusive).
  • Optional available improved battery power supply for the input stage.

ASR offers two product types: The somewhat smaller Emitter I and the Emitter II, which is considered one of the most elaborate high-end amplifiers par excellence.


MarleyNew ASR Emitter Amplifier Models
Emitter II Exclusive with power supplies (incl. battery power supply)
Emitter II Exclusive with power supplies (incl. battery power supply) | Image: ASR Audio

Data of the most elaborate model

Emitter II Exclusive with battery PSU: 2x 490 Watt at 4 Ohm, sieving with a total of 1,4 Farad with high voltage electrolytic capacitors.
The emitter consists of 4 parts. The amplifier part has the dimensions 57 x 47 x 23 cm with a weight of 50 kg. The three power supplies have 46 x 32 x 16 cm, each 32 kg, that makes 146 kg for the full power for your speakers !


Emitter I Basic: 8.500 €
Emitter I Exclusive: 11.625 €
Emitter I Exclusive with battery PSU : 14.750 €

Emitter II Basic: 12.750 €
Emitter II Exclusive: 16.875 €
Emitter II Exclusive with battery PSU : 20.000 €

Various options such as WBT sockets, more inputs/outputs etc. are optionally available. Status: May 2020, incl. 19 % VAT


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