Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

Esbjerg, Denmark | 2021 – The Densen B-250 has established itself as a reference preamplifier on the high end market over the years. Now Densen introduces the B-250CAST. Taking many of the innovations from the B-275 Super Leggera preamp, the B-250CAST offers a new level of performance from the renowned B-250. The B-250CAST is filled with advanced solutions, which all share the goal of giving you even more musicality.

The volume level is controlled by an extremely precise attenuator made of Vishay metal film resistors, which is switched by relays controlled by the microprocessor. In comparison with a normal volume potentiometer of the kind used in the majority of all preamps, the microprocessor controlled attenuator has virtually no self induced noise and an extremely low distortion. This results in an unsurpassed precision and refinement, and the attenuator contains no less than 200 steps! This makes it possible to adjust the volume very precisely (0.5dB) even when the sound is so low that an ordinary volume control would create an uneven balance between left and right. Compared to the popular digital volume controls used in many amps now a days, the difference is even more substantial. Digital volume controls typically uses FETs for the regulation, and has signalpaths with up to 600 components inside the IC. As such, they lacks transparency and detaillevel. This the B-250CAST microprocessor controlled attenuator has in spades!


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Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

The B-250CAST contains socket for the DP-07 MM RIAA stage. There is also the possibility of upgrading the B-250CAST with the DNRG, 1NRG or 2NRG external power supply to further enhance the sound quality to experience truly breathtaking musical experiences.

The amplification stages are all refined developments based on advanced Class A designs, which have been encapsulated on the board to avoid any kind of interference with the delicate signal. The output stage is a dual mono design with an extraordinarily huge storage capacity (100.000 uF) that would make most other power amplifiers envious. This design produces a musicality which is truly outstanding by any standards.

Audiophile GOOGLE CAST streaming.

Using the GOOGLE CAST receiver, the Densen B-250CAST has a dedicated Densen CAST powersupply, which is an extreme low noise PSU, to secure that the GOOGLE CAST has perfect working conditions. On top of that, the Densen B-250CAST has a dedicated optical input, allowing the GOOGLE CAST to perform at its best, with the highest possible data quality. Densen has even developed a dedicated power cord to connect the GOOGLE CAST to the B-250CAST preamp. This powercord is shielded, to avoid interference, and securing an optimal performance. Further Densen developed a Toslink cable to complete the setup, and naturally, this optical cable is optimized for use between the GOOGLE CAST and the B-250CAST.

Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

One of the great benefits of the Densen B-250CAST design is, that Densen has avoided creating their own software. It is well known fact, that High end manufacturers often faces problems with own software, as the computer and phone manufacturers develops new software, that is incompatible with the high end manufacturers streaming software.
The digital signal from the GOOGLE CAST is converted to analogue using the build in DAC of the CAST AMP. This DAC is based on Densens experiences with DAC designs, which traces back to 1996, where Densen designed their first DAC as a OEM product for a well respected European High End manufacturer. The CAST AMP DAC allows 192/24 and as such is capable of higher resolution than GOOGLES CAST delivers, this allows for future upgrades of the GOOGLE CAST technology with ease. Further the B-250CAST preamps DAC is using an DAC chip encapsulated in a shielding box, to minimize interference, and optimizing performance. It uses dedicated high performance components like Vishay metalfilm resistors and capacitors choosen for their sonical superiority, including Densens own power supply capacitors. The analogue stage is naturally a discrete design, using ultrafast transistors, and works in Class A. Naturally, this DAC can be upgraded if needed, without having to change the complete B-250CAST!

Further the B-250CAST will support NAS drives as storage, using BubbleUPnP and other similar programs.


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Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

The Densen B-250CAST is done with all the usual Densen focus on even the smallest parametres of the design. The B-250CAST has a build in mains filter, that do not raise the impedance of the mains, and as such do not slow down the powersupply, but at the same time, it makes sure, that there is no DC in the mains AC supply! The 3 transformers are encapsulated, to avoid vibration interfering with the audio circuit. The powersupply capacitors are all Densen Custom Made Capacitors. The analogue stages are made with ultrafast transistors, high quality capacitors, and Vishay metalfilm resistors. Densen has focussed on making the signal path as short as possible, while at the same time, avoiding interference from each part of the circuit. All components are surface mounted with a precision of 0,02mm!

Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

The circuit board is Teflon isolated, the input terminals are all selected for their sonic superiority, as they lead the signal from the cable directly down to the circuit board signal path with only 1 soldering. The solder is silver base, and all solderings are done in an athmosphere of nitrogen, to avoid oxidation of the solderings, which over time, would have resulted in degration of the sound!
As always with Densen, the sound has had top priority, and as such, the B-250CAST offers a strong musical performance in line with the traditions of Densen. Dynamics, transparency, detaillevel, soundstage, precision and musicality is outstanding, and using the B-250CAST will allow the user to delve into the music, and forget about the technology in the quest for audiophile nirvana!


Densen products are not only built to last; they’re also built to be upgraded along the way. Nearly all our amps, CD-players and tuners have been prepared for upgrades, so you can improve and expand your musical experiences at a favourable price and without compromising on design, build quality and sound. You can start out with a very simple system and end up with a high-end active system, just by upgrading.

External power supplies


Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

The Densen NRG upgrades, are external powersupplies designed to significantly upgrade and improve the performance of Densen products.

It is a effective way of improving the sound, without having to sell your current Densen model, and purchase a larger. A discrete and elegant cure for the ever continuing lust for even better sound from your Densen system.

Comes in 2 versions – DNRG and 2NRG.

RIAA Board


Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

The DP-03 is an MM board for the B-250XS. The only difference between the DP-01 and DP-03 is the physical shape, which allows them to be used with different Densen products. Despite of the modest price of these two boards, it will offer you a world class RIAA when mounted in any Densen amplifier. Due to the technical design, the DP-03 and DP-01 work with all MM cartridges on the market, and actually do so with an outstanding sound quality.


Line inputs: 4 sets + 1 tape loop
GOOGLE CAST streaming capability
Preamp outputs: 4 sets for easy connection for Bi-amping
Power supply size: 3 x 20 VA
Storage capacity: 100.000 uF
Output stage: based on 6 Watt Class A amp with zero feedback
Upgradeable internal CPU unit
Ready for Densen’s DP-07 phono stage
Ready for the Gizmo system remote
Ready for intelligent communication via the DenLink cable
Upgradeable with external power supply
Available in black with gold / chrome buttons or albino silver chassis.
Made in Esbjerg, Denmark.
Designed in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Densen B-250CAST Preamplifier

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