Gold Note P-1000 Release

Gold Note P-1000 Release

 July 25, 2017 | FIRENZE, Italy –  Gold Note – the Italian High-End manufacturer based in Firenze – is introducing P-1000, the first line preamplifier they ever made, available from September at a MSRP price of 5.850,00€/6.520,00$ (6.500,00€/7.250,00$ for the P-1000 with digital input and DAC available on demand).


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P-1000 is an innovative ultra balanced Class-A preamplifier powered by a new proprietary Six Gain Stage design featuring Relays & Optical ALPS Encoder volume control.

Having a Triple Linear Transformer power supply, P-1000 offers 10 independent stereo inputs: 5 fully balanced XLR, 5 RCA and even an optional digital input available on demand.

The exclusive Gold Note Ultra-Balanced design developed with Six Single Gain stages enables incredible low distortion and extended linear bandwidth for true superior musicality.


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The preamp features a complete series of settings to satisfy the most demanding systems: Mono/Stereo, Left/Right channel swap, Absolute Phase Swap (0° to 180°), Over-boost, fine Balance tuning.

The settings are stored in memory together with the volume level for every single audio input to allow a better experience and for quick adjustments.

Maurizio Aterini, founder of Gold Note, when asked about the introduction of the new preamplifier said: “We are finally ready to complete our line of electronics with the P-1000, something our customers have long waited for and we are proud to be among the few manufacturers of High End audio equipment that can offer a complete system – from digital sources to amplifiers and speakers – in order to deliver superior sound quality.”

P-1000 is available worldwide through Gold Note official dealer network.
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