NAD M22 V2

NAD M22 V2
NAD M22 V2

CES | Las Vegas, NV | January, 2018 NAD Electronics, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio/video components, launched a new and improved stereo Masters Series amplifier, the M22 V2, that delivers a 20% increase in power to 300 watts per channel. The new Masters amp also features a bridging switch that transforms it into a 900-watt mono behemoth.

In addition, the M22 V2 now has a 3-position input sensitivity switch that controls the auto turn-on sensitivity, allowing for better matching to each individual system. Even with the increase in power and features, the price of the M22 V2 remains at $2999 U.S. MSRP with January delivery.


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The M22 V2 utilizes the latest nCore amplifier technology licensed from Hypex to provide a nearly ideal amplifier with distortion below measurement, ultra-high damping factor, and unconditional stability with any speaker. Wide open-loop bandwidth, extremely low-phase shift, almost non-existent noise, load invariant harmonic and intermodulation distortion, high current capability, and low output impedance (high damping factor) uniformly at all audible frequencies. Legendary for more than four decades for their amplifier technology and performance, the M22 V2 is consistent with all NAD amplifiers in that it is conservatively rated and delivers well beyond its rated specifications.

The substantial increase in power is a result of a major redesign of the power supply. NAD’s exclusive PowerDrive circuit has been recalibrated to take advantage of the increased capability of the power supply section.

“NAD has a long reputation in high performance amplifiers that punch well above their weight,” commented Greg Stidsen, NAD’s Chief Technology Officer. “Much of NAD’s success comes from listening to the market as many of these upgrades were based on feedback from our customers. True to form, the new and improved M22 V2 delivers 20% more power with the flexibility of bridging mode and an input sensitivity switch to tailor its performance to each system, all with no increase in price. This is state-of-the-art amplification that represents outstanding value in the high-end.”

Key Features of the NAD Masters M22 V2:

  • Power increases 20% from 250 Watts X 2 to 300 Watts X 2
  • Redesigned power supply enables the increase in power
  • NAD’s PowerDrive circuit maximizes dynamic power
  • Bridging mode transforms M22 V2 into a 900W mono amplifier
  • nCore™ technology by Hypex delivers near ideal amplifier performance
  • 3 position auto turn-on sensitivity switch allows for improved system matching

NAD M22 V2


MarleyNAD M22 V2

Audio Specifications
Continuous output power into 8 ohms and 4 ohms (Stereo mode)
• 300 W (20 Hz-20 kHz at 0.1% THD, both channels driven)

Continuous output power into 8 ohms (Bridge mode) THD+N (20 Hz – 20 kHz, CCIF IMD, SMPTE IMD, DIM 100)
900 W (20 Hz – 20 kHz at 0.1% THD)
<0.005 % (250 mW to 290W, 8 ohms and 4 ohms)
Note: Measured with Audio Precision AUX-0025 or Prism dS-LPF passive low pass filter
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
>100 dB (A-weighted, ref. 1 W in 8 ohms
>120 dB (A-weighted, ref. 300W in 8 ohms)
Clipping power (Stereo mode, at 1 kHz 8 ohms 0.1 % THD)
>300 W
Clipping power (Bridge mode, at 1 kHz 8 ohms 0.1 % THD)
>950 W
IHF dynamic power (Stereo mode, at 1 kHz 1 % THD)
8 ohms: 400 W
4 ohms: 700 W
2 ohms: 1000 W
Damping factor
>800 (ref. 8 ohms)
Frequency response
±0.1 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Input sensitivity (for 300W in 8 ohms)
1.73 V
Gain level
Low: 19 dB
Medium: 24 dB
High: 29 dB
Minimum input level for Auto Trigger
5 mV at 1 kHz
Standby power
<0.5 W

Gross dimensions (W x H x D)
435 x 103 x 379 mm
17 1/8 x 4 1/16 x 14 15/16 inches
Net Weight
8.9 kg (19.6 lbs)
Shipping Weight
15 kg (33.1 lbs)

About NAD Electronics
Founded in 1972 and now sold in over 80 countries, NAD Electronics is renowned for its award-winning line of high quality components for audio, home theatre and custom installation applications. Since the beginning, NAD’s commitment to four core values – innovation, innovation, simplicity, performance, and value – have earned it a cult-like following that catapulted it to becoming a household name amongst audiophiles and music lovers alike. To this day, the brand continues to design and manufacture some of the most acclaimed and affordable hi-fi components that include modern features and technologies meant to appeal to a new generation of audiophiles.

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NAD M22 V2

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