New Devices From Metaxas & Sins

New Devices From Metaxas & Sins

DISRUPTION…it’s not a dirty word…In the arts it’s mandatory for evolution. In Hi End Audio, we absolutely need it. But not at the expense of sound quality and musical realism.

I’m pleased to introduce some new members of the Metaxas & Sins “family” in 2019…the Perambulator/Combobulator/Standulator, the MASDAC, the Grande Damme loudspeaker system and my “all-out-assault” on the Reel to Reel – the T-RX. I’m pleased that the mainstream “gets it” – we entered 3 design competitions last year and won all three.

Kostas Metaxas


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Here are the new devices:

  • New Stand for Perambulator. This transforms it into something very special. The Motor/Plinth bolt to the stand, so it can’t be pushed off.
  • Grande Damme. Essentially a turbo-charged version of the SIREN. It extends the bottom end and gives an even bigger sound.
  • T-RX Tape recorder: Just finalising the Controller PCB now so hopefully the first machines will start shipping end of April.
  • MASDAC: My eldest son has finalised the DAC design with me, we’re now working on the “system” – Streaming, ROON/MQS compatibility etc.
New Devices From Metaxas & Sins

About Metaxas & Sins

Kostas Metaxas is an articulate and forceful champion of audio without comprise. He is a connoisseur of fine music, a man for whom second best isn’t good enough.

In September of 1981, Kostas formed the company which bears his name. Known all over the world today simply by its initials, M&S, Metaxas & Sins was founded for several reasons.The most immediate of these was to begin producing, his fi rst product, the CP-1 preamplifi er in commercial quantities.

Whilst studying in Heidelberg, West Germany having transferred from the University of Melbourne, Kostas showed several of his prototype amplifiers to an important German Hi Fi Dealer. He was suciently impressed with what he heard to give him a little capital in the form of deposits to reserve the finished products.

Thus M&S was born. And the rest as the saying goes, is audiophile history. Back in Australia, new designs flowed from Kostas’ workshop.

The PP-1, a moving coil preamplifier appeared early in 1982. Reviewed by Klaus Renner in “Das Ohr”, the German audiophile publication, it was praised as the finest preamplifier available at the time.

Accordingly, a flood of orders from the German audiophile who are known to purchase only the number 1 product in its class, firmly established M&S as a manufacturer of only the highest quality audio equipment.In February 1988, the GERMAN “Stereoplay” magazine rated the OPULENCE [Opus] PREAMPLIFIER its absolute reference against amplifiers from the US, Japan and Europe.


MarleyNew Devices From Metaxas & Sins

The OPUS preamplifier is a unique audio product. Apart from its outstanding musicality it combines the state-of-the-art in high-technology with an incredible array of options which would excite a Recording Engineer.

Kostas is also a familiar sight at local jazz and classical concerts with his prized Stellavox tape recorders in tow. Built with the exacting precision of a PATEK watch, these state-of-the-art models are indeed rarities and are normally the exclusive province of the professional recording studio.

The recordings Kostas makes using Stellavox serve as reference for the design of future M&S systems. M&S products embody not simply audio excellence but a stylistic design sense that would not be out of place in the Museum of Modern Art.

M&S products are not meant to be hidden away like traditional sound systems. They are meant to be appreciated both stylistically as well as musically. Science approaches art for the sheer love of music and for that M&S make no apology.

Similarly, Kostas is unapologetic about the market he serves. He aims, quite simply, to provide the “finest objects money can buy.” And what sort of people are M & S customers?

Generally they view audio as a well-deserved indulgence. But no matter what their occupation, their preoccupation is to know and appreciate the difference between better and best , to listen with their heart and ears and blissfully “get lost in the music”.

Each amplifier is entirely handmade by the Master and his sons [sins] in a similar manner to the meticulous assembly of historic Bugatti automobiles. To put it mildly, Metaxas & Sins is unlike any other audio business.

“Flagwaving? Why Not?” wrote Ralph Neill reviewing the MAS PP1 in Australian Hi-Fi in the early eighties. “Australia II proved in a big way that Australian technology can take on the world and win. M&S is doing just the same – on a smaller scale, to be sure, but it’s doing it!”

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