SUPRA LoRad SPC Silver Plated Mains Flex

SUPRA LO RAD SPC Power CordSupra LoRad SPC is a power cable SUPRA is proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. Unleash the electrical power by natures best conductor, Silver. All Supra’s design features remains with class-leading shielding from harmful and sonically malignant fields such as RFI, magnetic and electrical alternating fields.
It is available both as pre-connected cord sets (recommended by Supra Cables due to hazardous voltage levels, unless sufficient level of skill is achieved) as well as on bobbin and in 10 and 16 ampere versions in EU. Most markets are covered.


Features and benefits:SUPRA LoRad SPC Silver Plated Mains Flex


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  • SPC – Silver Plated Copper makes up for one of natures best electrical conductor
  • LoRad – Low Radiation by efficient shielding is one of the key elements for suppressing noise floor
  • Lavish exterior in anthracite grey in perfect harmony with the grey and goldplated Supra connectors and the silver-ish print.
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Made in Sweden

Source: SUPRA Cable


MarleySUPRA LoRad SPC Silver Plated Mains Flex



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