Triangle – New SENSA Range of Loudspeakers

Triangle SN03A

France 2018 – TRIANGLE, the French speaker manufacturer, revealed at the Sound Days that took place in Paris in May, its new generation of connected speakers: the SENSA range.

Known for the quality of its high-end hi-fi loudspeakers, the manufacturer is anything but a beginner in the amplified speaker segment. The Sensa speakers benefit from the research conducted for the active speakers Elara with the aim of democratizing this technology by offering hi-fi speakers at more affordable prices.


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The aim of TRIANGLE is simple: rediscovering the pleasure of a sound in stereo. Two speakers properly placed and well-spaced will give you a true effect of depth when listening, with an immersive feeling and numerous details.

TRIANGLE thus modernises its historic know-how while keeping the traditional two-speakers setup, which they consider being fundamental to keep a good sound quality.

Triangle_SN03A_backGenuine alternative to the one-piece speakers available on the market, the SENSA speakers are equipped with a class-D amplifier of 2 x 40 watts for the SN01A and 2 x 50 watts for the SN03A. This amplifier is very versatile and compatible with numerous types of sources. It contains:

  • A Bluetooth Aptx receiver (16bit / 44.1kHz) for phones and tablets.
  • A phono preamplifier to connect directly your vinyl turntable to your speakers.
  • An optical input to deliver sound from a television, a computer or any compatible digital player.
  • A Jack 3.5 input, or RCA

The amplifier includes an RCA output allowing to connect a subwoofer or to daisy-chain several pairs of speakers simultaneously.

From an acoustics view point, TRIANGLE leverages its experience to get the most out of the drivers, despite the constraints of size and cost of the speakers.

The SENSA range uses a two-way Bass Reflex configuration which is a standard in this type of product. They both feature a 25mm silk dome tweeter, with a midrange/bass driver of 10cm for the SN01A, and 13cm for SN03A. They provide extended LF response via the use of a bass reflex laminar vent located to the rear of the enclosure.


MarleyTriangle - New SENSA Range of Loudspeakers


The speakers are supplied with an RCA cable, a 3.5mm cable and a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume, sources and the standby mode of the product. It is also possible to adjust the response of the speaker in the low frequencies and the treble. A reset function allows you to reset the initial settings if necessary.

Price and Availability

The SENSA speakers will be available from June, 2018.

Each model is available in black and white at a price of 349€ a pair for the SN01A, and 399€ for the SN03A.



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