AAGS Reinvents the Audiophile Grading Standard

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Hagerstown, MD – May 11, 2019 – Forget the less-than-ideal system for grading records. AAGS (Audiophile Archive and Grading Services), announces a professional grading and archival service that raises the bar while maintaining affordability.

No longer will collectors be forced to rely on the seller to grade their vinyl records. Additionally, grading a vinyl record is no longer a two-dimensional process that restricts the buyer to only knowing the visual grade of the vinyl record and outer sleeve.


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AAGS is a vinyl record grading and archiving organization that not only deep cleans and grades vinyl records, but they provide restoration and hi-res audio backups with each album and certification that is like no other.

Serving as a 3rd party to grade vinyl records, AAGS goes beyond the industry standard to improve the grade of a collectible vinyl record by preserving it with industry leading ultrasonic cleaning methods, archival inner and outer sleeves, and an audiophile grade hi-res backup in FLAC or WAV 192k/24b resolution.

“So many records are sold that lack an accurate grade for the buyer. I feel that AAGS has solved the problem with our 3rd party grading system – our trademarked AAGS Score™…,” says Andrew Hoffman, CEO at AAGS.

“Usually, conventional grading methods provide minimal information to the buyer beyond what the seller’s opinion of the condition is. Generally, these methods of grading are visual only and are limited to just the record and sometimes the outer sleeve. AAGS raises the standard by inspecting the outer sleeve, inner sleeve, and disks visually; taking into consideration whether or not the inner sleeve is original and appropriate for the iteration of your album.

We also take into account the liner notes, posters, and lyric sheets to determine if they are present and define their condition. We then listen to the entire disk and establish an audible grade for the disk.

By entering these factors into our proprietary AAGS Score™ index, we assign the AAGS Score™ for your album with a single number that is printed on a certificate that is inserted into each vinyl record.”


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AAGS Services Include:

  • Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning – Touch-free deep cleaning with automatic forced air drying.
  • Inspection and Grading – A thorough visual inspection and grading of outer and inner sleeves, records, and audible evaluation of the album for noise. All elements use our proprietary AAGS Score™ index.
  • Certification and Hi-Res Backup – Each album receives a certificate as well as a hi-res audio backup on a custom USB card in 192k/24bit resolution and is serial number matched to your vinyl record.
  • Archiving – Original inner sleeves and liner notes are placed in the original sleeve and the vinyl record is then placed in a MoFi archival inner sleeve. The sleeved disk is placed behind the outer sleeve to decrease ring wear and then entire album, certificate and USB backup is placed in a sealable archival outer sleeve.

AAGS will soon be offering reproduction sleeves for those who have the record but no sleeve. Or, collectors can preserve their collectible record for the long-term by using one of the soon to come AAGS archival encapsulation enclosures.

For more information about AAGS services and their proprietary AAGS Score™ index as well as the AAGS hi-res backup USB cards, visit : www.aagservices.org.

About AAGS

AAGS – is s vinyl record grading and archiving company with Andrew Hoffman as CEO. AAGS cleans, grades restores and creates hi-res audio backups to collectors for vinyl archiving.

AAGS serves as a 3rd party for grading of vinyl records and goes beyond industry standards by inspecting the outer sleeve, inner sleeve, and disks visually, inspecting liner notes, posters, and lyric sheets to determine their presence and condition and inspects each record by listening to the entire disk to establish audible grade.

These factors are entered into the company’s proprietary AAGS Score™ Index and an AAGS Score™ of a single number is printed and a certificate is inserted into each archived record. AAGS address is: PO Box 2401, Hagerstown, MD 21741. www.aagservices.org


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