HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report

Bugatti Chiron at the HIGH END 2019 in Munich/Germany
What a feast for the eyes! But what has the Bugatti Chiron lost at the HIGH END fair in Munich? The loudspeaker manufacturer Thiel & Partner GmbH has provided with its Accuton drivers for this Bugatti an appropriate interior sound system. The head of development needed more than 100 hours for the fine tuning. Thanks to his work, the super speedster is capable of pleasurable listening at speeds of up to 300 km/h. (https://accuton.com/home)
HIGH END 2019 - Big Magic Base presentated by Andreas Jungblut of AHP
Andreas Jungblut from AHP presented the new Big Magic Base from SSC. It works with magnetic support and, thanks to the high-quality high-gloss acrylic surface, does not have to hide optically (https://www.audiophiles-hifi.de/).
Wolfgang Törner from WBT
Company boss Wolfgang Thörner presented the innovative further development of the successful nextgen principle: WBT-PlasmaProtect. Gold particles are shot at the copper conductor by means of a plasma discharge ignited under high vacuum and bonded atomically inseparably. The resulting homogeneous material compound leads to an improved flow of the audio signals. The audiophile properties of the nextgen connectors could thus be further optimized (https://www.wbt.de/).
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Prototype of the new Thorens TP124
A bang at the Thorens press conference: The popular classic TP124 will be re-released! Company director Gunter Kürten unveiled the first prototype at the HIGH END. Many components were completely redesigned while retaining the familiar look (https://www.thorens.com/de/).
Rotation R5.3 Cellini
AVM Managing Director Udo Besser realized his visions and expanded the product portfolio with the ROTATION R 2.3 and ROTATION R 5.3 turntables. The special chrome version “Rotation R5.3 Cellini” with Ortofon Blue System and EllipsoCentric Belt Drive was also on display at the trade fair (https://avm.audio/de/).
System Audio - Silverback
Turn passive loudspeakers into active loudspeakers in no time at all: the Legend series can be converted in just a few minutes with the standardized System Audio plug-in units. Only one power cable is required to operate the amplifier unit integrated into the loudspeakers. The audio signal can be transmitted wirelessly to the loudspeakers via a hub (https://system-audio.com/de/).
YAR presentation
A mystical and impressive presentation in YAR’s listening room: Speaker “Y-der” in combination with integrated amplifier “B-yon” (centre) delivered a first-class listening experience with a goose bump feeling. Please repeat next year in the same constellation! (https://yaraudio.com/)
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
There’s news at fastaudio: In addition to the proven range of Duevel loudspeakers there is a new development by Frank Tschang (Acoustic System) to marvel at. Similar to the Duevel speakers, they have a 360° omnidirectional characteristic (https://www.fastaudio.com/).
KECES-P8-Power Supply
You want to spice up your favorite component with an external power supply? At KECES there are solutions! For example, the P8 DC power supply with a load capacity of up to 200 watts. Cost: 699 Euro. (http://www.kecesaudio.com/)
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
Bernd Ahne from Hifi-Tuning and his team are in a good mood – after all, he also has new products in the pipeline, such as the “Supreme3” fine-wire fuse in silver/gold (https://www.hifi-tuning.com/).
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report

„The Presslift“ heißt das Tool, das aus einem normalen Plattenspieler einen Automatikspieler macht. Mit Hilfe des Tools wird die Tonarmnadel automatisch hochgehoben, wenn die Wiedergabe beendet ist. Und das ganz ohne Elektronik… (https://www.mindpoprevolution.com/).


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HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
Loudspeakers, record players, amplifiers and furniture as a complete system – that is the goal of LAMUSICA. And the ingenious inventors have also made all cables “invisible”. Also the topic “resonance” was tackled. With the turntable, the sound characteristics can be designed according to one’s own preferences using different puck pads.
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
As brand ambassador for the HIGH END, Steven Wilson has a lot to do. A huge queue had formed in front of Hall 4 and waited patiently for the signing. In real life, Steven Wilson has long made a name for himself as an exceptional musician who fills the Royal Albert Hall in London as a soloist. But he is also successful as a producer and sound engineer. (http://stevenwilsonhq.com/sw/)
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
The BESPOKE AUDIO amplifiers cost between 15,000 and 18,000 euros. They are individually manufactured by hand according to the customer’s wishes. (http://www.thebespokeaudiocompany.com/)
X Loch SE
ADD SOMETHING NEW introduced the brand new socket series X Lock. The front centering ensures tight plugs and constant contact. There are three versions, both as 1 and 2 wall sockets. The entry-level model X Lock Lite with Gira wall socket is available for 139 € (1-series) and 199 € (2-series) respectively. The top model X Lock SE with Furutech Rodium NFC is at the end of the price range and is available for 349 € (1) or 599 € (2).
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
Extraordinary loudspeakers could be seen at AXJET. The fibreglass housing of the SUPERJET weighs 65 kg and is also weatherproof. A pool party outdoors is just as possible as relaxed listening in the living room – provided there is enough space. In the demonstration room, his powerful playing style was astounding. (www.axjet.co)
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
The company Deeptime presents a loudspeaker set in snail form. In the middle you can see the subwoofer. For 2.200 Euro the eye-catchers can also make music in your rooms (https://www.deeptime.limited/).
Thorens TM1600
Thorens has enjoyed a very good reputation for analog playback devices for many decades. So it is only logical to expand the range of turntables with an analogue tape recorder. The new High End Model TM 1600 is a newly developed half-track tape recorder for 19/38cm/s playback, has three motors and is equipped with symmetrical outputs. The device is aimed at audiophile music lovers who want to listen to master tapes with the best possible quality using the latest technology. The price is set at 11,990 Euro (https://thorens.com/).
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
The fact that the HIGH END in Munich is all about music was impressively demonstrated to visitors by the Argeter Alphorn players in front of the main entrance.
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
levin proudly presents the resonance-optimized triple sandwich plate support in the classic Bauhaus style. The pad with the fabulous nappa leather top is placed between the platter and the turntable and leads to a decoupling of the black vinyl. (https://levindesign.de)
Martin Logan Neolith
Weighting 175 kg, 1.90 m high and a fantastic frequency response of 23-22,000 Hz: these are the key data of Martin Logan’s flagship NEOLITH. And the sound? You’ll have to find out for yourself ….
HIGH END 2019 Munich Show Report
The well-known American jazz voice Lyn Stanley presented the limited edition “London With A Twist” – Live At Bernie’s – signed by her at the Da capo booth. Only 500 and 2000 pieces respectively were pressed from the LP albums (https://lynstanley.com/).


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