Luxman PD-151 turntable

Luxman PD-151 turntable

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan | 2019 – The new turntable PD-151 from Luxman delivers class-leading design, engineering, functionality and performance.

PD-151 Summary


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In 2011, Luxman introduced its first new turntable in 28 years, the PD-171. Three years later, the upgraded PD-171A and armless PD-171AL were released. Now, as the interest in vinyl records continues its revival, Luxman is delighted to introduce another new turntable.

The PD-151 delivers classic, premium-quality Luxman belt-drive turntable design at a new, lower price point.

To keep the exterior design and top panel as clean and elegant as possible, we focused onthree major elements: the tonearm, the platter and the drive system. Key design priorities such asof ease of use, attractive design and seamless functionality are perfectly harmonised.

Incorporating a newly developed, high-precision DC motor, the PD-151 achieves wow and flutter of less than 0.04% (WRMS), maintaining unerringly accurate operation across three user-selectable speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78rpm).

The design features an under-slung, suspended structure, with components mounted on the underneath of the top panel chassis, eliminating the influence of vibrations from the supporting surface. The 10mm thick, machined aluminum top panel provides a rigid base for the moving parts and the heavywieght 4.0kgplatter ensures excellent stability and accurate rotation.


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Luxman PD-151 turntable

To enable optimum performance, the PD-151 features a high-precision stainless steel center spindle, a PEEK thrust bearing and a brass radial bearing. Also, the universally compatible, static-balanced tonearm, made by JELCO, allows for easy cartridge substitutions and satisfying operation.

The PD-151, with its reliable performance and functional elegance, will continue to shine longinto the future as a benchmark for belt-drive turntables in its class.

PD-151 features

■ Electrical circuitry

  • Newly developed brushless DC motor
  • Sine wave PWM, accurate rotation speed maintained by PID control
  • Independent adjustment control for three different rotation speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78rpm)

■ Mechanism

  • Universal static balanced tonearm for easy cartridge substitution
  • Moment of inertia (22,396kgf-mm²), aluminum heavyweight platter (4.0kg)
  • Main chassis made from 10mm machined aluminum
  • Equipped with polyether ether ketone (PEEK) thrust bearings
  • The motor and power transformer, which can generate vibration, are isolated with rubber damping mounts
  • Large-calibre isolation feet with 8mm of independent height adjustment

■ Exterior

  • The top panel, designed with functional beauty in mind, features only the three major elements of tonearm, drivesystem and platter
  • Magnesium alloy head shell with LUXMAN logo
  • The AC power socket on the rear panel allows for power cable substitution
  • 4mm thick acrylic dustcover (OPPD-DSC151) included
Luxman PD-151 turntable
Luxman PD-151 turntable
Luxman PD-151 turntable
Luxman PD-151 turntable

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