Wilson Benesch GMT One System

Wilson Benesch GMT One System featured image

Sheffield, United Kingdom | 2024 – The GMT® One System has been designed and developed by a large number of people and organisations that are collectively referred to as the GMT Consortium. The GMT® One System is comprised of thirty novel developments. It incorporates technology with international patents that are pending and a number of design registrations. The manufacturing intellectual property all resides within Wilson Benesch. As such it is inconceivable that another turntable with GMT® technologies will emerge. Two product names are trademarked GMT® and GRAVITON®. Made in Sheffield…

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Thorens New Reference

Thorens New Reference featured image

Bergisch Gladbach, Germany | 2020 – Thorens New Reference: Fully integrated active vibration isolation by Seismion. The Thorens New Reference is the result of our strive for the perfect rendition of music recordings. The electrical signals in a turntable are created by mechanical vibrations of the stylus of the cartridge while it moves along the grooves of a vinyl record. These vibrations are converted into the sound. In exactly the same way, all other mechanical vibrations of the turntable are processed and lead to distortion and other unwanted effects. The…

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Nagra Reference Turntable

Nagra reference turntable featured image

  Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland | 2024 – Following in the footsteps of Nagra’s flagship Reference Anniversary turntable/tonearm system, Nagra’s research and development team devoted an additional two years applying all that was learned in the preceding four years of Anniversary system development to expand our commitment to LP reproduction to a wider audience of vinyl lovers. The Reference turntable/tonearm maintains the same level of obsessive attention to detail embodied in the limited edition Reference Anniversary turntable/tonearm, including our insistence on technical achievement validated by extensive listening. Its concept, design and execution…

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MoFi Electronics Masterdeck

MoFi_MasterDeck featured image

North Las Vegas, USA | 2023 – Unveiling the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction: the MasterDeck Turntable, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned Allen Perkins. Born from a collaboration of vinyl enthusiasts, this reference-grade turntable is engineered for those who seek to unearth the true essence of music embedded in the grooves of their cherished vinyl LPs. Handcrafted in the USA Each MasterDeck is meticulously assembled in limited batches at our Ann Arbor, Michigan factory, exemplifying our commitment to unparalleled quality control. 10″ Dual-pivot carbon-fiber tonearm The MasterDeck boasts an all-new…

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Rega Naia

Rega Naia featured image

Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom | 2023 – Rega Naia – The ultimate Rega turntable! The Rega Naia turntable is the result of years of painstaking development which was used to create the now famous ‘Naiad’ test bed turntable. The Naia takes the best of this development and technology and transfers it into a production ready version without compromise. The Naia is packed with ground-breaking features, materials and technology developed by Rega over many years to reach new levels of vinyl replay. The heart of music The Naia takes our pioneering low mass…

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Luxman PD-191A

Luxman PD-191A featured image

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2023 – LUXMAN introduces the PD-191A, a premium turntable system designed to replace the long running PD-171 series. Savor the endlessly rich warmth of a piece of music and that special sense of time flowing differently when you play a cherished analog recording. PD-191A is a superb player capable of delivering the excellence of vinyl recordings playback experiences. Our newly developed, original tonearm, with extremely high initial sensitivity, uses a knife-edge vertical bearing system to realize those sensitive movements that make up the finest nuances of a…

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Luxman PD-151 Mark II

Luxman PD-151 MKII featured image

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2023 – The charm of timeless vinyl playback deepens thanks to our LUXMAN PD-151MK lI, a new standard in the pursuit of functional beauty. The PD-151MK lI was developed for the music listener to fully enjoy the luxurious audio experience unique to analog, with vinyl phonograph records continuing popularity as an attractive music playback medium. Inheriting that model’s excellent performance and functional beauty while featuring a new, highly sensitive original specification tonearm, is our highly anticipated new model. The PD-151 MARK II has arrived as a new…

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Thuono TH 400

Thuono T 400 featured image

Thiene, Italy | 2023 – The TH400 turntable has been developed with an imposing structure that includes a 400mm diameter platter supported by a proportionally designed rotation system. Both elements of the chassis are composed of a thick layer of aluminium and black Marquinia marble, and supported by high precision magnetic suspensions. This turntable was designed to ensure exceptional sound performance. In fact, the unusual dimensions of the platter, frame and motor system allow an extraordinary inertial torque to be obtained, giving never before achieved dynamics levels and authority of…

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csport LFTM2 turntable system

csport LFT1M2 featured image

Toyama-city, Japan  | 2022 – A flagship model heavy turntable. The weight of the granite base, the brass platter, and the air floating create the ultimate rotation. The platter material has been changed from stainless steel to brass, following the previous model’s housing design of granite base, air float, and servo-less. With this change, even open-circuit type cartridges (*) using air-core coils are not affected by magnetic flux leakage, creating a quiet and expressive sound. (*) Due to the open magnetic circuit and the powerful neodymium magnet used to secure…

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AMG GiroMKII featured image

Deining, Germany | 2022 – Further development of AMG‘s entry-level model with improvements made to all critical performance elements. The Giro MK II‘s superb dynamic performance and spatial depth are significantly refined compared to its well-regarded predecessor. The platter mass, which has been increased to 5.6 kg, together with the newly developed platter-subplater interface, ensure significantly improved speed stability resulting in a more realistic and engaging musical presentation.     The belt drive system has been optimized, contributing to these sonic improvements. The ultra-quiet Swiss drive motor now runs in…

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Esoteric Grandioso T1 Turntable


Tokyo, Japan | 2022 ­– Grandioso T1 – A new undertaking to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Esoteric legacy; it’s the first-ever turntable in our history.   Revolution Begins. In the dead silence of the “Esoteric MagneDrive System” you will hear the sounds of a revolution taking place,making history for vinyl playback.     Esoteric MagneDrive System A new undertaking to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Esoteric legacy; it’s the first-ever turntable in our history, the Grandioso T1. Accommodating a patent-registered unique contact-free drive mechanism, the “Esoteric MagneDrive…

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Nagra Anniversary Turntable


  Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland | 2021 – This year Nagra celebrates its 70 year anniversary. Founded in the pursuit of excellence in sound recording and sound reproduction, Nagra has a rich history of producing some of the world’s best analog recording and playback devices. This year Nagra adds to this remarkable legacy of products with the introduction of its first turntable and tonearm system. While often contemplated, it wasn’t until four years ago that the design and engineering of a turntable befitting the name Nagra began. Working as a team, Nagra’s…

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Oswald Mill Audio K3 turntable


Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, USA |  2021 – K3 has been a seven year project to create and redefine state of the art for vinyl playback. We wanted to set a new mark for the turntable, forming an international collaboration with the world’s top experts in direct drive turntable design, motor control, and tonearm technology. Bucknell University’s Engineering and Physics departments did extensive FEA and other analysis of the platter and chassis design (and gave OMA their award for most innovative product of 2019.) K1, K2 and now K3 were built over…

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Soulines tt42 Turntable


Belgrade, Serbia | 2021 – The number 42 usually has no meaning other than mathematical, but when placed in the context of the science fiction novel “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by the famous Douglas Adams, where the number 42 is the answer to the “question about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything”, the number 42 also gains a serious philosophical meaning. As no one can tell which is the best turntable in the world, because we still don’t know what that turntable should be like, what characteristics…

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Naim Audio Solstice Turntable


Salisbury, England | June, 2021 – Vinyl-lovers can now finally enjoy the full Naim Audio experience with the launch of Solstice, the first turntable in the British brand’s almost 50-year history. It comes partnered with a next-generation version of the iconic Naim Aro tonearm, an Equinox MC cartridge, Solstice Series Phono Stage, Power Supply and bespoke accessories set. Naim will create just 500 units of this Solstice Special Edition package. “Solstice Special Edition offers an exceptional all-round experience,” said Paul Neville, Naim Audio Research & Development Director. “If you love…

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Revox Studiomaster T700 Turntable


Regensdorf, Switzerland| 2020 – The STUDIOMASTER T700 is a high-end turntable with a very unique integrated MC phono preamplifier. It is made of the highest-grade materials, and fascinates with an elegant and timeless design.  The STUDIOMASTER T700 is a high-end turntable with a very unique integrated MC phono preamplifier. The integration of the preamp enables the best and shortest connection between the pickup and preamp, thereby delivering the highest signal quality. To ensure the best sound quality, absolute speed accuracy is indispensable. For this purpose, the T700 has a highly precise electronic…

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Thorens TD1600 Classic


Bergisch Gladbach, Germany | 2020 – Thorens, the world’s oldest Consumer Electronics Company, proudly introduces successors to their legendary 160-Series Turntables. Thorens’ NEW 1600-series combine the ‘160’s DNA with state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and materials technology. The result is a classically beautiful analog component that evokes the iconic 160 but whose performance competes with the finest turntables available today. Introduced in 1972, the TD160 immediately became the standard against which all other turntables were judged. Suspending the platter, arm and bearing from three springs isolated the record and cartridge from mechanical…

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Pro-Ject X2


Mistelbach, Austria | 2019 – Pro-Ject Audio Systems announce the Heavyweight uncompromised High End Turntable X2. Uncompromised High-End Design – Incredible and Unparalleled Value In 1991 Pro-Ject started a revolution in HiFi with the in- troduction of the Pro-Ject 1 turntable. A new high-end, low budget turntable at the time when CD was king. Against all odds, we were creating interest in analogue audio at a time when others were turning their backs, and the success was down to three critical philosophies: – Simple yet technically correct design– High-quality valuable materials– Fully handcrafted,…

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Luxman PD-151 turntable


Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan | 2019 – The new turntable PD-151 from Luxman delivers class-leading design, engineering, functionality and performance. PD-151 Summary In 2011, Luxman introduced its first new turntable in 28 years, the PD-171. Three years later, the upgraded PD-171A and armless PD-171AL were released. Now, as the interest in vinyl records continues its revival, Luxman is delighted to introduce another new turntable. The PD-151 delivers classic, premium-quality Luxman belt-drive turntable design at a new, lower price point. To keep the exterior design and top panel as clean and elegant as possible, we…

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AMG – Viella Forte 12 Turbo turntable

AMG - Viella Forte 12 Turbo turntable

High End, May 2019 Munich – Analog Manufaktur Germany introduces the Viella Forte turntable, the “super” version of our famous Viella. Machined in our Bavarian factory, the Forte incorporates the same platter bearing design, decoupled spindle, Lorenzi hand-built brushless DC motor, visual form and footprint of our highly regarded Viella. The AMG design team focused on mass, rigidity, and refinement to create the Forte, resulting in increased macro-dynamics, more inner detail, larger-scaled presentation, and greater effortlessness. Utilizing new materials and machining techniques, the Forte features a new platter, clamp, plinth,…

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McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable

McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable

Binghamton, NY | March 8, 2018 – McIntosh, the global leader in prestigious home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio for over 65 years, is proud to announce the MT2 Precision Turntable. The McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable combines the latest in turntable technology and design to deliver both superb performance and accurate playback. A full complement of features allows for all recordings to be reproduced with flawless realism. Its advanced electronic and mechanical design will give many years of smooth, trouble-free operation. A subtle green glow emanates from under the platter and…

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems Classic SB

Pro-Ject Audio Systems Classic SB

2017 – The Classic SB New Product Announcement We are pleased to announce the launch of Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ The Classic SB turntable. We have turbocharged our EISA Award-winning the Classic to bring you this upgraded package. The Classic SB is an upgraded version of The Classic – EISA award-winning turntable. Featuring a Sumiko Blue Point No.2 cartridge, the Classic SB offers a leap forward in sound quality. Other key improvements include electronic speed control, as well as the Leather It mat and top-grade Clamp It, which enhance stability and reduce noise. The…

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