Sumiko Announces 6 New Phono Cartridges

6 New Sumiko Phono Cartridges

Berkeley, CA | April, 2018 SUMIKO is proud to announce six new phono cartridges, the outcome of a 3-year development effort.  The new line will be premiered at the Munich High End Show, May 10-13, 2018.

Sumiko is introducing 4 new moving magnet cartridges, the Rainier, Olympia, Moonstone and Amethyst which join the existing Oyster product lineup; and 2 new moving coil cartridges, the Songbird and Starling which will be part of the Reference Series product line.


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The four new additions to the acclaimed Oyster series are the most ambitious Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges we have released to date. The Rainier, Olympia, and Moonstone all utilize a common housing and generator assembly, so the stylus assemblies are interchangeable. You can purchase the Rainier and upgrade to the Olympia or Moonstone without replacing the entire cartridge. They set a new performance standard for the audiophile on a budget.

The Amethyst is our flagship Moving Magnet (MM) design and requires its own unique cartridge body to maximize the performance of the excellent Nude Line Contact stylus. This exceptional cartridge even surpasses some moving coil cartridges in resolution and detail, setting a new benchmark for moving magnet cartridges with replaceable stylus assemblies.

Joining the Reference Series line are two new Moving Coil (MC) designs including the new Songbird, which features exceptional tracking capability and the flexibility to mate well with a wide variety of tonearms and turntables. The Songbird’s high output voltage ensures noise free musical reproduction compatible with not only moving coil phono inputs but also moving magnet inputs.

The Starling is our new reference open architecture design featuring a MicroRidge stylus on a boron cantilever in a low output/low mass configuration.  This is a powerful, dynamic cartridge with a very refined coherent presentation.  The Starling is the latest manifestation of Sumiko’s forty years of refinement of phono cartridge design.  Both cartridges feature a new CNC-precision milled high grade aluminum body with optimized resonance properties.


MarleySumiko Announces 6 New Phono Cartridges

Pricing and Availability
Orders for the cartridges can now be placed with Authorized Sumiko dealers with shipping expected to begin in May.

Suggested retail price (tax, shipping and any customs duties related to current standards of individual countries are excluded):

MC: Songbird – $899, Starling – $1899 US dollars
MM: Rainier – $149, Olympia – $199, Moonstone $299, and the Amethyst $599 US dollars

About Sumiko
For nearly 40 years SUMIKO have provided the finest array of phono cartridges and analog accessories to discriminating analog enthusiasts around the world. Sumiko is a proud member of the McIntosh Group, where progress and tradition are not mutually exclusive concepts, but rather a synergistic sum of parts which exceed their individual identities.  SUMIKO phono cartridges reveal the magic within your treasured collection of vinyl recordings.


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