Pro-Ject Phono Box RS2


Mistelbach, Austria | 2020 – Fully balanced, fully discrete phono preamp of the highest class! Reference class phono preamplifier with unique impedance control The Phono Box RS2 is the ultimate phono preamplifier of the highest class. It is fully balanced from the input to the output. Electronics are fully discrete, no op-amps are in use and it uses split passive RIAA and DECCA equalization. Discrete Circuitry A discrete circuit is composed of electronic components which are disparate, individual devices, also called discrete components. These can be “passive” components, like resistors, capacitors…

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Pro-Ject X2


Mistelbach, Austria | 2019 – Pro-Ject Audio Systems announce the Heavyweight uncompromised High End Turntable X2. Uncompromised High-End Design – Incredible and Unparalleled Value In 1991 Pro-Ject started a revolution in HiFi with the in- troduction of the Pro-Ject 1 turntable. A new high-end, low budget turntable at the time when CD was king. Against all odds, we were creating interest in analogue audio at a time when others were turning their backs, and the success was down to three critical philosophies: – Simple yet technically correct design– High-quality valuable materials– Fully handcrafted,…

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