Wilson Audio – TuneTot®


Provo, Utah | May 2018 | Wilson Audio Specialties The Smallest Wilson TuneTot® is the latest product from the Wilson Special Applications EngineeringTM team. While its name pays homage to the first WSAE product, it is a modern technical tour de force designed to offer the timbral beauty, dynamic nuance, soundstage resolution, and transparency — all the hallmarks of Wilson loudspeakers design culture — but do so in environments which are hostile to all of those qualities. TuneTot is the smallest and least expensive Wilson, but it would be a mistake to…

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Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2

2017 – It is very difficult, even daunting, to update a classic. The physicians’ maxim of Primum non nocere (first do no harm) certainly applies here. An overly ambitious and inexperienced designer, in his zeal to advance the product with the “latest and greatest technology,” can inadvertently sacrifice the very qualities at the heart of the original’s intrinsic appeal. There is a certain wisdom and introspection that is inherent to all great designers. They know when real advancements are possible, and eschew the temptation to incorporate change for change’s sake.…

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