MoFi Electronics Masterdeck

MoFi_MasterDeck featured image

North Las Vegas, USA | 2023 – Unveiling the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction: the MasterDeck Turntable, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned Allen Perkins. Born from a collaboration of vinyl enthusiasts, this reference-grade turntable is engineered for those who seek to unearth the true essence of music embedded in the grooves of their cherished vinyl LPs. Handcrafted in the USA Each MasterDeck is meticulously assembled in limited batches at our Ann Arbor, Michigan factory, exemplifying our commitment to unparalleled quality control. 10″ Dual-pivot carbon-fiber tonearm The MasterDeck boasts an all-new…

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Magico M7

Magico M7 featured image

Hayward, CA, USA | 2023 – Magico-the leader in high-performance loudspeaker design and manufacture-is pleased to announce the ground-breaking M7 loudspeaker. In June of 2020, Magico, LLC introduced the incomparable M9 flagship loudspeaker. The M9 was and continues to be the most advanced and highest-performing loudspeaker in Magico history. All that was discovered in the extensive research-and-development program undertaken for the M9 has now been distilled into the Magico M7. The Magico M7 is a four-way, six-driver floorstanding loudspeaker capable of astonishing performance. Featuring the latest Magico drive-unit technology, an…

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Naim NAP 500 DR Power Amp

Naim NAP 500 featured image

  Salisbury, England | June, 2023 – As the debut product in our reference 500 Series range, the NAP 500 is a monumental expression of Naim Audio amplifier technology. Its design was honed over six years of collaborative work with suppliers of specialist parts and each product takes days of dedicated assembly by our most skilled technicians in Salisbury. It’s this eye for detail, alongside its remarkable power, that allows the NAP 500 to bring your music into breath-taking focus. New Statement Technology  Our flagship Statement amplification system was ten years in the making.…

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Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista DAC

MF NuVistaDAC featured image

London, UK | 2023 – The Nu-Vista DAC is our new flagship DAC built around the critically acclaimed ESS 32-bit HyperStream II DAC architecture. The Nu-Vista DAC incorporates our famous Nuvistor circuitry, each channel having a fully balanced stage of Nuvistor 7586 triode tubes involved in a discrete Class A amplifier buffer. It features RCA and XLR outputs, 3x optical and 1x coax SPDIF inputs, 1x USB and 1x AES/EBU inputs. A I2S input is also there, for a future yet to be announced Nu-Vista CD-player! Technical Talk Building on…

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Nime Elite one

Nime Elite one fetured image

Massarosa, Italy | 2023 – ELITE ONE S was the first one that broke the market and our biggest challenge, at the same time. Elite one was our signature speaker which was showing our desire to be different by doing something that no one did on the market – assembling the whole unit from welding and polishing the steel. Hand-handling 8 mm thick stainless steel we achieved innovative and modern design with excellent acoustic performance. The massive structure and considerable weight of the stands gives the stability to the loudspeaker…

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Rega Naia

Rega Naia featured image

Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom | 2023 – Rega Naia – The ultimate Rega turntable! The Rega Naia turntable is the result of years of painstaking development which was used to create the now famous ‘Naiad’ test bed turntable. The Naia takes the best of this development and technology and transfers it into a production ready version without compromise. The Naia is packed with ground-breaking features, materials and technology developed by Rega over many years to reach new levels of vinyl replay. The heart of music The Naia takes our pioneering low mass…

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Etude 5

Etude 5 featured image

United Kingdom  | 2023 – Many listeners love the coherence and impulse response of a single driver loudspeaker, full range electrostatic or magneto-dynamic panel, but cannot live with the large physical size, limited bandwidth and colouration/uneven frequency response, particularly in the case of some classic folded horn speakers. Maximum loudness limitation is also a problem with some direct radiating single drive unit loudspeakers. The Etude 5 …addresses these issues head on, via use of a line array of four 85 mm balanced mode radiator (BMR) wide-band drive units which are…

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Nagra HD Phono

Nagra HD Phono featured image

Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland | 2023 – After years of intense research and development, the HD PHONO is finally available for discerning listeners of vinyl. It is the ideal complement to the HD range and the world-acclaimed HD PREAMP, HD DAC X and HD AMP monoblocks. Nagra’s first phono stage was derived from the Nagra IV-S reel to reel microphone preamplifier stage. It later evolved into the phono section of the legendary Nagra PL-P preamplifier. Ever since, Nagra has worked and improved that original design with the creation of the Nagra VPS…

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Electrocompaniet AW 300 M

Electrocompaniet-AW300M featured image

Tau, Norway  |  2023 – The AW 300 M is Electrocompaniet’s latest Mono Power Amplifier. This amplifier embodies an updated, yet unmistakable Electrocompaniet design, perfectly complementing both current and legacy Electrocompaniet products. Re-Designed Power Amplification The AW 300 M boasts Electrocompaniet’s direct-coupled high open-loop bandwidth topology, now enhanced with high slew-rate and extended bandwidth amplifier stages. A novel output stage has been engineered to isolate input and driver stages from the load, rendering the output exceptionally rigid and impervious to connected loads. This innovation not only simplifies the feedback system but also…

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Luxman PD-191A

Luxman PD-191A featured image

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2023 – LUXMAN introduces the PD-191A, a premium turntable system designed to replace the long running PD-171 series. Savor the endlessly rich warmth of a piece of music and that special sense of time flowing differently when you play a cherished analog recording. PD-191A is a superb player capable of delivering the excellence of vinyl recordings playback experiences. Our newly developed, original tonearm, with extremely high initial sensitivity, uses a knife-edge vertical bearing system to realize those sensitive movements that make up the finest nuances of a…

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Rockna Wavelight Pre/DAC

Rockna wavelight dac featured image

Suceava, Romania | 2023 – Rockna Wavelight Pre/Dac: Smooth as Silk! In our quest for developing a package for the audiophile seeking more than just high-quality audio reproduction, we realized several things. Firstly, we need digital precision but with „analog” charm, free of any „digital glare” yet with rich detail. Secondly, this package needs to provide outstanding value, future proofing, new features and a stunning, timeless design. This is how the „Wavelight DAC” was created, more than just a little brother for the accomplished „Wavedream”. Software defined Architecture & FPGA…

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Kii Seven Wireless Music System

Kii Seven featured image

Hamminkeln / Dingden, Germany | 2023 – Introducing the Kii SEVEN Wireless Music System! HOME ENTERTAINMENT The Kii SEVEN establishes a new benchmark in home entertainment and music enjoyment. Whether you begin with just a single Kii SEVEN for independent use, opt for a stereo pair arrangement in your living space, or outfit your residence with a multiroom speaker system or a 3D immersive media setup, the technology is available to assist you in tailoring your ideal acoustic environment. Utilize the Kii HOME app to maximize your streaming experience across…

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Soulnote A-3 integrated Amplifier

Soulnote A-3_featured image

Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa, Japan  |  2023 – Soulnote A-3 Launch! Technology Complete separation of left and right channel GNDs The GND separation technology incorporated in the P-3 pre-amplifier is applied to this model with a power amplification circuit. Originally, how to ground the GND of a power amplifier that handles high current to the chassis was a key design issue, and there is no precedent for GND non-grounding. However, ungrounding of the power amplifier’s enclosure was achieved through simple non-NFB circuits, optimized artwork design, minimization of high current loops, elimination of inductance components,…

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Albedo Agadia

Albedo Agadia featured image

Montelabbate, Italy | 2023 – Our new Agadia model represents the synthesis of a long period of passion for the search for always better sound. Since its ideation, we wanted to create something different, that characterizes it from all the others, so that it can be unique in its genre. That is why we decided to transcend traditional concepts and not put limits on our creativity. Agadia is a small 2.5-way floorstanding tower inspired by the design of its bigger sister Acclara and which contains an atypical formula for bass…

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Baudio Alpha_One_featured image

Saint-Hippolyte, France | 2023 – ALPHA ONE LAUNCH Specialist of high end audio electronics, the French manufacturer introduces its new streaming integrated amplifier. Alpha One is the outcome of the experience acquired during the development of the Reference Series electronics, and represents a synthesis of’s technological know-how. The goal was both simple and demanding: combine a cutting-edge DAC together with a high-end, passively cooled, dual-mono amplifier in a single enclosure. The proprietary EX networking module is also included, offering acoustic correction and advanced streaming capabilities. Alpha One is available…

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MSB M500 Mono Amplifier

MSB M500 Mk2 featured image

Watsonville, CA, USA | 2023 – The MSB M500 Mono Amplifier: Superior performance. Amplified! The world’s leading DACs needed an amplifier to match. The result was a clean slate design that could meet our DAC’s ultra high dynamic range head on. With the amplifier’s architecture optimized in critical areas, audio performance, longevity, and an ability to drive any speaker became our principal design parameters. We redefined the idea of what an amplifier can be, embedding the M500 with a fully modular design alongside a 1.0 Farad Power Core, a matched…

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Vitus Audio SM-103 MK.II

Vitus Audio SM-103 MKII featured image

Herning, Denmark  |  2023 – Vitus Audio SM-103 MK. II monaural Power Amplifier – Signature Series. A long History of Excellence The SM-100 was the very first power amplifier to come out of the Vitus Audio design studio. A true balanced amplifier that changed the marketplace and made clear what a monaural power amplifier should provide to the user. The initial design was housed in two chassis but we always intended to create a four chassis system to separate power circuitry from audio circuitry. The development of the MP-M201 saw…

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Goldmund Telos 8800 Mono Power Amplifier

Goldmund Telos 8800 featured image

Vernier, Switzerland | 2023 – Full Power & Stability The new Telos 8800 mono amplifier is one of the most powerful amplifiers in the world, featuring 4 separate electronic boards to maximise system stability. Telos 8800 sets a new standard for performance, with unrivalled power and revolutionary innovations that redefine the listening experience. This latest amplifier features a silver-metallised MKP polypropylene film capacitor, providing an exceptionally stable power supply for the Mosfet output stage, guaranteeing optimal stability even for demanding 1 Ω loads.  Lift You Higher To dissipate the heat…

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Lumin D3 Streamer

LUMIN-D3 featured image

Hongkong, China | 2023 – Lumin D3 Unlock audiophile music streaming. Making improvements in every area, LUMIN D3 builds on the massive success of LUMIN D2. WHY LUMIN D3? LUMIN D3 brings the audiophile potential of music streaming within everyone’s reach. Building on the success of our most popular and longest-standing model, LUMIN D3 inherits the Sabre DAC technology used throughout the rest of our range and combines it with our new all-aluminium compact chassis. The latest LUMIN processor technology provides DSD256 upsampling and TIDAL Connect bringing audiophile-grade performance within…

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Musical Fidelity A1

Musical Fidelity A1-featured image

London, UK | 2023 – In Hi-Fi, the Musical Fidelity A1 has become one of the most classic designs – inside and out. First released back in 1985, it quickly made waves for being an absolute beast when it came down to driving some of the most difficult speakers of that time, even though it was actually a rather low powered integrated amplifier. But: it was all done in pure Class A with excellent and expertly laid out discrete symmetrical circuitry topology and using only highest quality components. The A1…

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Hegel H600 integrated amplifier

Hegel H600 fetured image

  Oslo, Norway  | 2023 – H600 is our reference integrated amplifier. With its 303 watts in 8 ohms, a damping factor of 4000, and 2 ohms drive capability, this powerhouse of an amplifier can drive any speaker with confidence and ease. The amplifier is a dual mono design, bringing it as close as possible to the performance of two mono amps in a single box. It also boasts a state-of-the-art preamplifier with the extremely precise volume attenuator found in our reference P30A amplifier. All electronic circuitry is designed in-house,…

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PIEGA_MLS-2-Gen2_featured image

Horgen, Switzerland | 2023 – The Master Line Source 2 Gen2 creates a sublime soundscape where all sounds are reproduced three-dimensionally in their natural beauty. The hand-crafted speakers with line sources and dipole system offer unique spatial reproduction with an unparalleled sense of depth. ELEGANT APPEARANCE The aluminum baffle lends the Master Line Source 2 Gen2 a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, while the matte finish of the cabinet provides understated elegance. BRILLIANT MID- AND HIGH-FREQUENCY REPRODUCTION Four meticulously stacked line source driver ribbons, handcrafted with the utmost precision in our…

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Cambridge Audio EVO CD Transport

Cambridge Audio evo_featured image

London, United Kingdom| 2023 A New Life for CD: Evo CD is the compact disc transport developed to exclusively partner Evo all-in-one players. It shares the same eye-catching design, is crafted from the same premium materials and is engineered to the same exacting standards. Evo CD extracts every piece of musical detail from your discs, then passes it seamlessly to Evo. Your CD collection is now set to join the hi-fi evolution. High quality audio CD transport – designed exclusively for Evo all-in-one players Custom designed S5 Servo – perfect…

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Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier

Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV fetured image

Cave Creek, Arizona, USA  | 2023 – The Rule of Two Combining the front end technology from the Momentum HD Preamplifier and the power section of the Momentum MxV amplifier, the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier delivers Momentum Series performance in a compact framework. The elegant design only hints at the advanced circuitry within its Aluminum and Copper housing. Benefiting from extensive development previously applied to the Momentum Series separate components, the Momentum MxV integrated Amplifier executes on the potential that an integrated solution offers. The Momentum MxV integrated Amplifier is…

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Stratton Acoustics Elypsis 1512

Stratton Elypsis 1512 featured image

London, United Kingdom | 2023 – The Elypsis1512 is unashamedly big and unfeasibly heavy, and it packs a huge electro-acoustic punch, or maybe an all encompassing hug – you choose the music and decide.But be warned, a pair of Elypsis1512s left silent will sulk. They’re not designed to be quiet, and if you’re looking for a pair of noisy elephants in the room, you’ve found them. The foundation of the Elypsis1512 is its comprehensively braced, birch ply, 250 Litre cabinet created from a mix of 25mm and 18mm panels. It’s a triumph of the cabinet…

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M2Tech Tosh Balanced line preamplifier

M2 Tech Tosh-featured image

Pisa, Italy  | 2023 – Tosh: The irreplaceable heart of a quality Hi-Fi system! The preamplifier is the heart of the system, as well as the component whose performance has the most significant influence on some parameters of the Hi-Fi system: transparency, detail, dynamic thrust at low levels. Furthermore, the preamplifier acts as a link between the sources and the power amplifiers. The increase in performance of a M2Tech system, when the Tosh is inserted between the Young MkIV DAC (which is also equipped with a preamplifier section) and the…

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CH Precision P10 Dual Mono Twin-Chassis Phono-Stage

CH-Precision-P10 featured image

Préverenges, Switzerland | 2023 – The latest introduction to our flagship 10 Series, the P10 phono-stage joins the benchmark L10 and M10 amplifiers, products that have quickly establishhed themselves as an almost universal reference. Product Description The latest introduction to our flagship 10 Series, the P10 phono-stage joins the benchmark L10 and M10 amplifiers, products that have quickly establishhed themselves as an almost universal reference. They followed in the footsteps of our original P1 phono-stage, a unit that has also long been recognised as THE benchmark for phono performance, by reviewers…

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McIntosh ML1 MKII

McIntosh ml1-mk-ii-featured image

Binghamton, NY, USA | 2023 – Vintage Style Meets Cutting-Edge Sound: The ML1 Loudspeaker Reborn. Based off the first McIntosh speaker 4-way speaker with five separate drivers Engineered to handle up to 600 Watts Deep bass from 12″ woofer with LD/HP technology Expansive sound stage so all listeners can enjoy the music Built from American Walnut with a satin finish Includes matching speaker stand   Vintage Style Meets Cutting-Edge Sound: The ML1 Loudspeaker Reborn The ML1 Loudspeaker was the first speaker McIntosh ever made. It was introduced in 1970 with…

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Goldmund Eidos SACD Player

Goldmund Eidos SADC featured image

Vernier, Switzerland | 2023 – Goldmund Eidos SACD Player – Elevate your Adudiophile Experience! Following the lead of the previous Eidos Reference SACD model, Goldmund introduces the latest features of its CD player. Similarly to its predecessor, the EIDOS SACD can play a variety of audio formats available on the market (SACD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R*/-RW*/+R*/+RW* (*Audio data file only). Connected to a computer, the Eidos SACD can support PCM audio formats up to 384KHz and to DSD512.For further customisation and precision, the Eidos SACD has alternative digital and analogue outputs at the rear…

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Sonus Faber Stradivari

Sonus Faber Stradivari featured image

Arcugnano, Italy | 2023  STRADIVARI NEXT GENERATION Introducing the next generation of Stradivari: iconic Sonus faber design meets unparalleled sound quality, for a listening experience like none other.Twenty years after the original design, Stradivari has evolved into its second generation, pushing the limits of innovation and engineering. With its signature organic materials – wood and leather – blended seamlessly with cutting-edge sound technology, Stradivari epitomizes the essence of Sonus faber’s philosophy.Coinciding with Sonus faber’s 40th anniversary, the reintroduction of Stradivari celebrates an unwavering commitment to excellence. A UNIQUE PROJECT Inspired…

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Chord Ultimate Integrated

Chord Ultimate Integrated featured image

Maidstone, United Kingdom | 2023 – Five years since the introduction of ULTIMA, Chord Electronics’ most accomplished amplifier topology in its history, founder/owner John Franks has trickled the technology down into a full-width integrated amplifier for the first time, setting new performance standards for single-box amplification. The ULTIMA INTEGRATED is a class-leading 125-watt integrated amplifier benefitting from the latest dual-feed-forward error-correction topology, Chord Electronics’ legendary proprietary ultra-high-frequency power supplies, plus an unmistakable industrial aesthetic.   Designed by Chord Electronics’ founder, owner and chief engineer, John Franks, the advanced ULTIMA circuit…

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High End ® Munich 2023

High End Munich 2023 featured image

Munich, Germany | 2023 – From May 18 to 21, 2023, the High End in Munich offered a diverse trade show program. 550 exhibitors presented products from 800 brands on an area of 30,000 square meters. The world’s leading audio trade show attracted 20,000 visitors and 500 journalists. Texts and images: Thomas Hundgen Dietrich Brakemeier, the Chief Designer of Acoustical Systems, presented his new Astellar. This much more compact system, compared to the gargantuan Apolyt, incorporates 30 years of development that guarantee the highest sound quality. The list of special…

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Stein Music Topline Bob L

Stein Music Bob L featured image

Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany | 2023 – HANDCRAFTED MASTERPIECE Stein Music TOPLINE BOB L! The Top Line “Bob” L has the same footprint as the Top Line “Bob” XL, with only two thirds of the height. Each speaker has an integrated, DSP-controlled active subwoofer with 1500 watt amplifier power. The rest of the loudspeaker works passively, with optimal reproduction down to 60Hz. Modular System Our Top Line Bob L horn speakers can be upgraded in many ways for an even better music experience. The Top Line Bob L can…

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Rockna Wavedream DAC

Rockna Wavedream DAC featured image

Suceava, Romania | 2023 – THE SOUND YOU EVER EXPECTED, AND BEYOND! We are proud to present our current flagship in digital audio reproduction. We believe it has the right ingredients to produce a sound that will honour it’s name. In the good tradition established by it’s predecessor, the Wavedream continues to push the limits of performance, design and sound quality. The ingredients, innovations, technology and features of the product are presented below. SOFTWARE DEFINED ARCHITECTURE We always thought that high-end audio should be everything about innovation. Playing around with…

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AudioNec Evo 2

Audionec Evo 2 featured image

Saint-Mesmes, France | 2023 – AudioNec Evo 2 One Step Further. Deep Emotions. These are the words that apply to the Evo 2, which thanks to its additional subwoofer that goes down to 20 Hz, reproduces every microphone and macro detail with ease, even when the highest attacks and sound pressures are required.Always compact, the Evo 2 plays all types of music for all music lovers with authority, even in larger rooms, thanks to its multi-directional dispersion mode. These impressive features are accessible even to fans of low-powered 300B tube…

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NAD CS1 Network Streamer

NAD CS1 featured image

Pickering, Ontario, Canada | 2023 – NAD’s affordable CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer lets you add music streaming capability to any stereo or home-theatre system. Or you can configure a low-footprint music system for your den or home office by connecting the CS1 to a pair of powered speakers. The CS1 supports the most popular network streaming and casting protocols, including Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, DLNA mobile and computer apps*, and Roon, so you can control playback with the music apps you use every day. The CS1…

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Linn 360

Linn 360 featured image

Glasgow, United Kingdom | 2023 – New cabinet. New drive units. New electronics. New everything. Audibly Invisible 360 is audibly invisible. It produces a performance with unprecedented clarity and realism, that’s entirely absent of sonic colouration. Incorporating innovative drive unit and amplifier technologies, 360 turns out our lowest ever levels of audible distortion. The honed curves of its cabinet are partnered with meticulously matched drive units to deliver the cleanest possible dispersion characteristics. All that is experienced with 360 is sound-stage; with vocals suspended in space, and true-to-life scale and depth…

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Luxman PD-151 Mark II

Luxman PD-151 MKII featured image

Shinyokohama, Japan | 2023 – The charm of timeless vinyl playback deepens thanks to our LUXMAN PD-151MK lI, a new standard in the pursuit of functional beauty. The PD-151MK lI was developed for the music listener to fully enjoy the luxurious audio experience unique to analog, with vinyl phonograph records continuing popularity as an attractive music playback medium. Inheriting that model’s excellent performance and functional beauty while featuring a new, highly sensitive original specification tonearm, is our highly anticipated new model. The PD-151 MARK II has arrived as a new…

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Copland CTA407

Copland CTA407 featured image

Copenhagen, Denmark | 2023 – The amplifier is the interface between your signal sources and the speaker system, whatever is lost at this position is lost forever and conversely, whatever is introduced is also amplified. Amplifiers are also products for everyday use. Some successfully deviate from the conventional, they remind us of the strive for perfection – a human virtue we like to recognize and being close to. There is a distinctive mood of luxurious puritanism to be found in the appearance of most Copland amplifiers. However, with the CTA407…

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Wharfedale Dovedale

Wharfedale Dovedale fetured image

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England | 2023 – Celebrating 9o years of bringing the world’s finest Loudspeakers to the world of home audio, today Wharfedale engineers continue the dictum of utilising technology where it truly matters to develop Loudspeakers that reveal the passion and excitement behind the musical performance. We believe that a connoisseur of sound would find the merest flow intolerable, and with a connoisseur in mind. We have re-designed and built the new ‘Dovedale’. If you are such a listener. You will recognise the significance of – and then insist…

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