Lumin U2 Mini

LUMIN-U2-Mini-featured image

Hongkong, China | 2023 – Lumin U2 Mini Your DAC´s perfect partner! The first LUMIN to feature our all-new processing system. WHY LUMIN U2 MINI Following in the footsteps of one of our most popular models, LUMIN U2 Mini introduces our all-new processing system, delivering greater flexibility and future-proofing. Capable of upsampling and downsampling all the way from 44.1kHz to 384kHz/DSD256 and supporting playback of DSD512, LUMIN U2 MINI is the perfect streaming partner for your DAC. Main features Transport-only LUMIN for combination with an external DAC The first LUMIN…

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Estelon Aura Loudspeaker

Estelon AURA 1 featured image

Tallinn, Estonia | 2023 – Estelon introduces the AURA: A New Loudspeaker Model! The Estelon AURA follows the general design philosophy of all Estelon loudspeakers, taking into consideration the environmental acoustics of real-life listening spaces. It provides an immersive and captivating audio experience like no other speaker of this size. Alfred Vassilkov designed the AURA with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating cutting-edge technology and unique features. One of the standout features of the AURA model is its distinctive shape, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also serves…

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Esoteric Pro Audio Caravaggio Hybrid Amplifier

EPA Caravaggio_featured image

  Villafranca di Verona VR, Italy | 2023 – Caravaggio is the name with which Michelangelo Merisi became famous, an Italian painter who lived between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries who marked a furrow between the before and after him thanks to his revolutionary vision of representing light. In photography, light is considered dynamic and for this reason I wanted to give this name to my amplifiers, I think they mark a clear division with the past for their way of making the dynamic range of music perceive. Caravaggio Hybrid…

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Thuono TH 400

Thuono T 400 featured image

Thiene, Italy | 2023 – The TH400 turntable has been developed with an imposing structure that includes a 400mm diameter platter supported by a proportionally designed rotation system. Both elements of the chassis are composed of a thick layer of aluminium and black Marquinia marble, and supported by high precision magnetic suspensions. This turntable was designed to ensure exceptional sound performance. In fact, the unusual dimensions of the platter, frame and motor system allow an extraordinary inertial torque to be obtained, giving never before achieved dynamics levels and authority of…

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